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Feeling free: Perry Ellis has career game as KU downs Iowa State

Perry's really coming around and he is heck of an asset this time of year and for the future. Ben was a turnover waiting to happen - can't hang onto the ball, throws it away, got beat several times, and the T was stupid. He will turn pro no doubt but he will be eaten alive in the pros with even so so next level skills. Hope he wakes up hereon thru the tournament.

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Notebook: Rio Adams shines late; Sherron Collins, Alex Smith attend game

I hope Rio stays, learns, and contributes when on the floor. But, I sense he thinks passage of time will get him on the floor, hope he doesn't overlook learning, working hard and playing the role he is assigned in the manner instructed by HCBS

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FINAL: Baylor routs KU, 81-58

BU played a great game, give them credit. Ellis continues to impress for us, guards were outplayed most, of the game. Now on to the tournament! And, congrats to K State, heck of a year, and congrats to Coach Weber - nice job by KSU.

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Jayhawks flocked to Elijah Johnson in victorious locker room

Classy of ISU. I always thought they were better than the behavior demostrated this week. I can imagine the horror when it dawned on them how MU'ish or KSU'ish they were acting. Good for them, let's move on to the last games and the B12 Tourney, and beyond!

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Opinion: Seniors Travis Releford, Jeff Withey huge for Kansas

I'm liking what I see out of Traylor. He's getting it more and more every game. Perry will too, it's just gonna take him a little more time. We know he can score, and he positions himself for a lot of rebounds, dives for loose balls, etc. He's gonna be fine.

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Three and OUch: Jayhawks' skid continues with road loss to Sooners

You have to be on some sort of drug induced high. No way does KSU recruit better than KU year in year out. KSU football success is great, bball not so and there is no way a knowledgeable sports fan could think so yet alone say so. You didn't take very long to bite on the lure either. Gosh you guys are easy! ROCK CHALK!

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Three and OUch: Jayhawks' skid continues with road loss to Sooners

The Hawks don't need extra motivation to beat KSU. Keep in mind how small minded the KSU fans are. They measure the success of their season by whether or not they beat KU. They totally miss looking at why the KU programs are far superior to theirs in depth, breadth, and longevity. Let them crow over their football program, they deserve to crow. BBall is another story. Weber has them rolling pretty well, BUT no way can they think their program is even close ot a KU JV team, heck, may be even an intramural team. KSU may beat KU tomorrow night, but absolutely NO WAY are they even close to superior year in year out as is KU.

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Three and OUch: Jayhawks' skid continues with road loss to Sooners

I remain a steadfast KU fan despite the down period. Seems something must have happened inside the locker room for things to have gone S so rapidly. While some of us here pile on surely none here think the guys don't care. Keep trying Hawks, and fans. PE
is hustling his butt off when he's on the floor. If they all keep that up things will turn around, maybe not as quickly as we all hope but it will happen. Go KU!

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FINAL: KU drops third straight in 72-66 loss to Oklahoma

There is a huge difference between KU fans/programs and KSU. KU EXPECTS to win and strives for excellence. KSU is surprised when they win and don't know how to handle it. Some of the most ridiculous comments and abhorent behavior I have ever seen in sports has been from KSU fans. But, KSU is the better team so far this year, and congratulations to KSU for that!

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FINAL: KU drops third straight in 72-66 loss to Oklahoma

Passing the ball around out high without anyone making even a fake move toward the basket is NOT offense. EJ needs to spend the rest of the season sitting at the end of the bench. Missed cripples, not grabbing the ball, inexcusable at this point of the season. Ellis is the bright spot, his effoert is excellent. KSU will beat KU, KSU wants it, KU doesn't get it. And before I get jumped on, I have been a diehard KU fan since the 50's. What a debacle this year has been.

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