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Painful reminders: A look at Bill Self’s saddest setbacks

Off topic but having to answer the dumbest questions before being able to read articles on this site is very irritating. Whomever came up with the question idea is an idiot!

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Opinion: Guessing game — Nobody knows where prep phenom Andrew Wiggins will spend his one year in college

No need to call yourself dumb, you can have a differing opinion, it's ok with most people. I just don't like the one and done idea and the disruption it brings to a younger team like KU that lost a group of senior starters.

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Opinion: Guessing game — Nobody knows where prep phenom Andrew Wiggins will spend his one year in college

I don't think KU needs his swelled head and arrogance. Let him go where his disruptive one year stint won't be of conern. Rather have a kid who has talent and wants to learn from good coaches than someone who thinks he knows it all now. Just my opinion of course.

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Rio Adams might stay

I hope he can use this step in life to mature. All he need do is look at the list of KU players in the pros and see few of them started their first 2 yrs, many redshirted. Yet they are having great pro careers. How many KSU and MU players do you see on those lists? Only a couple. Selby thought he was far better than his ego and family led him to believe, and he is doing nothing really as a pro. Commit to being a team player and learn all you can every day, and you will be more than welcomed back. Listen to the coaches, work hard.

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KU freshman Rio Adams to transfer

I wasn't at any practice but I saw what Rio did in games and it wasn't better than the starters or other subs off the bench. He clearly doesn't get that he has to earn his PT no matter where he goes. Does he actually think the is better than EJ, TR, BMc, or PE?! And he thinks the coaches have no idea what they are doing? Really? Good luck little boy, you have alot of growing up to do. I hope things work out well at some lower division school. Part of growing up is learning along the way. Rio clearly has a lot of learning and maturing to do.

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Young Jayhawks face rough slate in 2013-14

A coach who adapts to an opponents game plan better than HCBS is hard to find long term. Sure, Withey played his heart out but the smalls offense ran him ragged. JT will be a big time player for KU, perhaps a budding version of TRob, let's hope. The last couple of minutes the whole team lost itself, not Bill. Who wants a Pitino, or Calipari, or Thompson, et all here and HCBS in OSU?! I sure don't. That would be idiotic and make me question the direction of KU BB if that ever happened. KU lost a big game. So have other big time schools. Disappointing yes. KU will be just fine with the incoming player and most of the returnees. Rio needs to work hard and earn his time, he and coach make that call. It's time we all move along and stop beating things to death.

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Jayhawks bemoan end for seniors

Rio had only seconds of decent play while in games, not minutes of good play. For him to think that passage of time makes him next in line vs being the best player at his assigned position tells me doesn't get it. Seems he likely will be disatisfied wherever he may land. Perhaps some small school will be able to use him. I doubt he will ever mature to accept that your performance gets you playing time, not just you thinking you deserve it. The coaches call that, not the player. I hope he can grasp this.

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A sour ending: KU collapses late in 87-85 overtime loss to Michigan

We have the best coach in the country. He didn't throw the ball away or cause a turnover, ole Mr Reliable, EJ did that at a critical time by going brain dead as he has throughout the last 2 years. His dirty play is pathetic. Withey worked his butt off and surely needed some rest along the way. Burke was outstanding when it counted and he is the real deal. The end of the game was similar to the way KState played in their last game. I hate the excuses posted about EJ isn't a point guard. Well bull, he had several years to learn the position so stop making excuses for his dumb play. Frankly, I am happy to see him go. Congrats to the team overall and the coaches for ANOTHER great year. Next year will be full of excitement and anticipation as we have a great incoming class. Lets stay behind them to RCJH!

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Whew! Kansas survives big, red scare

Ben continues to look lost much of the time, IMO, and I really don't think he has any business going pro yet. He gets beaten alot, thows the ball away, and now that the level of competition has improved he looks average. I know the family situation will dictate what he does most likely and I wish him the best if he does go, but another year of seasoning sure would improve his chances of a longer term pro career. The better college players hold him down, the pros will eat him up. Just my opinion.

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Feeling free: Perry Ellis has career game as KU downs Iowa State

I don't see anything anti Kevin posted in anything about Ellis' improved play of late, just giving him credit for the play. And, while that play is much improved he has yet to sustain if for a season against higher level competition. Kevin brings a different kind of energy and has sustained it for a long time. Both deserve credit, Kevin deserves to start. All the pontificating doesn't make much sense.

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