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What if KU stuns Texas?

I have a better chance of getting Megan Fox in my bed than KU's chances of beating Texas...

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KU football's final three games will be on ABC

Cost of Admintion any one of KU last three games: $100
Cost of Popcorn, Soda, and Cotton Candy at a game: $25
Watching your football team get humiliated on national television for their last three games: PRICELESS!!

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Which unit deserves the most blame for KU's 34-30 loss to Colorado?

As much as I love football, I never played it but here is my 1 cent worth.

I felt that the defense lacked the first half but came up big in the second half. Those forced turnovers came up big for us which (I think) fuel our defense for the rest of the second half. Regarding the miss tackles.... aren't you supposed to use your arms to tackle and take someone down? I've seen some good hits during the game where they used their shoulders which stopped them but when it comes to red-zone, I would think you would want to wrap them up.

I think our special teams came up short. On kick-offs, we let them pick up too many yards which gave them good field position.

On pressure and scrambling, I think Reesing needs to be smarter with the ball. It amazes me how far back he runs backwards in a semi-circle to get away from the pressure, but geez.. does he really need to run backwards 10-15 yards? I will admit, Reesing works very well under pressure and big plays came out of that kind of pressure.

I am looking foward to seeing next weeks game against Oklahoma. I hope they use Sharp in a different role this time instead of a tackling bag.

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KU’s Morningstar suspended

to KUGuyInTarheelLand.. take a deeeep breath.... now let it out slowly,,
This will blow over like every other incident that every college has had. It will works its way out...If anything, it proves that these college players are kids. It proves that these kids are human like everyone else, regarless of the fact that some may think that they need to be held to higher standards..LMAO.. go tell that to a college kid and let me know what their response is.
KU is not perfect and we shouldn't expect it to be.. as long as we have coaches like Self who will lay down the hammer when he needs to, we will be ok.
Let's move on :-)

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KU’s Morningstar suspended

OK people.. gather yourselves..First of all, it's called college!! Where there is a college there is plently of alcohol. Some abuse it and some don't. Some make good decisions about drinking and driving and some don't. I know a lot of you (myself included) have had a few two many in college (and after college) and took the chance of driving home. Morningstar is a normal kid and is going to have to make these decisions on his own. I liked the way coach Self handled it. One semester of no basketball can be used as a warming to all the other players. Let's get past this and move on. You guys are making a mountain over an anthill.

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Apologies issued

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KU sports teams’ apparent feud spurs 2nd brawl

Answer this. If it was any other group of college kids (not related to the BB or FB team) that was involved in any kind of fight, similar to what just happened yesterday, would you think that some diciplinary action would have taken place already?

I too think these kids would be a lot smarter, expecially when most of them have a free ride through college. Once a punk... always a punk!

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An exterior shot of the proposed 3,000-seat addition to Memorial Stadium that will include the Gridi

I don't know why they think they need more seating when they can't even filled the box seats on the west side of the stadium. Half if not more are empty? Are they thinking that buildling this new addition will bring back more Alum? Hello? Tells you how much more important sports are compared to a good education.

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