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Opinion: KU football at bottom of new pile

This is absolutely correct and very often forgotten. Another factor that isn't always considered is that Perkins wanted to get a coach that would help him "build" his sky boxes. So, he created the circus that the team played in when they lost those games. Was that distraction the sole reason for the slide? Probably not, but you can't convince me it didn't at least a have a huge impact.. One fact is clear, Lew Perkins was largely, if not solely responsible for team's struggles the past 5 years.

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Weis shakes up starters, gives Cummings nod at quarterback against Texas

I have also wondered about Baty, the fact that "the kid is a gamer" and why he's not mentioned more. It has also made me wonder if they want to keep his red shirt in tact???

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Weis sets KU's first fall depth chart as Jayhawks get to work

I don't think you're crazy either... I think we'll have to have the ball bounce our way a time or two. If we can win half of the games that go 7 points, or less we will have that decent chance. Some reasons I think this is at least possible. I doubt we run on first and second down and have to try a pass on third and +4 three out of four offensive series. The team from everything we've read has had an exponential increase with strengh and conditioning that hopefully lead to the Hawks being in more games. Finally I think there is a real chance that some real coaching happens at half time and during the second half, that will give us a chance to actually win those 7 points or less games.

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Defensive depth a focus for Weis in fast-paced Big 12

I believe this is an optimistic, but still realistic hope for the defense this year. The offense is improved enough this year that we are not constantly putting the defense back on the field after 4 plays (or less). Our defense is not constantly starting with such horrible field position. The defense has not been so hopelessly out of position that the game has been decided before half time (or earlier). Finally that our defense does not surrender a come from behind victory late in the game because of a very evident lack of conditioning.

If these things happen and I think/hope they will - then they will be in games. Then... if they are in games, they can win games. If they stay in and then win some games their confidence could really grow. Confidence can be strange player in a game. Both for the Hawks if they gain it because they "think" they can win now, and for their opponents if they "think" they can loose now.

Am I trying to say this WILL happen - no, but do I think it CAN happen - yes. If it happens will the Hawks be bowl eligible this year? Who knows, but if it happens they'll be much better on the field and fans should be encouraged they are on the right path.

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Turner Gill left recruiting abyss

Before I begin, I don't want anyone to think I believe Mangino didn't have issues, but many here are blaming the wrong guy. KUHawkhead said it earlier when he pointed out that Lew Perkins' witch hunt probably had a great deal to do with Mangino's final "losing streak". Mangino didn't like public appearances - and didn't fit Lew's fund raising ideal. Lew was fixated on the club section and wanted a coach that "fit the mold" and could help him raise funds. It was no secret that Mangino's temper was legendary and probably easy to "find" players willing to "expose" his behavior. It worked, right, wrong, or indifferently, but Mangino was out.

Now Mr. Perkins, if rumors are true, wouldn't let Harbaugh coach the bowl game and went to his second option. A coach who had a 20 - 30 record at a sub-division school and had won a single conference title, but in no small measure to incredible fortune. He wasn't ready for a major conference, but... He was a former player/hero at a big time program, he enjoyed public appearances, and he had a tendency to say all the right things (however I always thought he really said very little). Now Lew makes him the Jayhawk's "up and coming" coach with a salary that in no way matched his accomplishments.

Soon however, Lew was busy covering his own arse because of the gym equipment and ticket scandals and then he was gone almost as soon as TG was in. It became very obvious in a very short time that he wasn't ready, his players often looked confused, we had many organizational penalties, special team errors, and a very bland offensive and defensive philosophy. The second half lapses and blowouts finally forced Z to do the only thing that made sense and make the coaching change - 10 mil or not.

Some of the TG gill recruits given time and coaching could well become solid players, either with KU or elsewhere - only time will tell. But in this case I believe it’s a case of the Xs and Os, instead of the Jimmy's and Joe's (well - some Jimmy and Joe's). But in the end Lew dismantled football at WSU, and then he tried to do the same thing in Lawrence, but through different means. I always felt Lew had Lew's best interest at heart instead of the University.

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Dayne Crist crisp in 45-0 spring game debut

I understand McKay got in to the game, but did not make a catch...

I know the defense has a long way to go, but if some of the incomming D-linemen play as well as some of the "already here transfers" are playing - I think we'll have a chance to be WAY more competitive than we've been in some time. I couldn't go, but all the comments from those that could about how organized the team is really gives me hope. All of the best coaches I've ever known, or knew about were really organized. I saw NO organization the past 2 years, and players that truly looked confused! Another thing someone else mentioned is the lack of "coach speak" now. Wow this is refreshing. My son is playing NAIA college football, so I won't be able to come to the games in person, but I wish I could - I didn't last year.

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KU's Brock Berglund pleads not guilty to assault charge

ahpersecoachingexperience's greatest nightmare... Berglund starts practice, finds his way on the field. The offensive line gells, the running backs find holes and suddenly the passing game takes off. Toben is terrorizing the league, the linebackers show up and the rest of the defense does the job behind them. Suddenly the Hawks are bowl eligible and the charges are dropped, so Berglund doesn't have to miss practice or the bowl game... Yeah, I know and no I didn't drink that much cool aid, but my best dream ever sure would make some on here choke...

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Mark Mangino breaks silence in newspaper interview

There are a lot of thoughts here I agree with, but one stands out. The "Gridiron Iron" club should resonate with everyone. From what I hear Mangino did not enjoy fundraising and resisted public appearances at every opportunity. Perkins had the Perkins agenda, which included raising huge amounts of $. Mangino didn't fit Perkins' profile and was obviously the source of ridicule because of his weight. Perkins couldn't justify a coaching change at first because the team had just come off their BCS bowl win. Then the next year they didn't have the same success, but they still won a second bowl game. So what do you do then...? Hmmm maybe abuse - abuse is a great reason for a change. Should anyone be abused either verbally or physically - of course not! But, as others have mentioned - most coaches at this level probably have their own skeletons in the closet. Lots of people point back to the last year and the fact that Mangino's team had that 7 game losing streak. Can you imagine trying to motivate your players, staff and even yourself while your program is under that kind of scrutiny? Constant questions about your future, etc. I think in some respects it was amazing they were as competitive in those games as they were - and still came within a few plays of being bowl eligible three years in a row.
Don't forget that had the players who went 3 - 9 last year, been coached by Mangino the result might have been different. The system would not have changed, the staff would have "known" the players, etc. Of course no one will ever know now.
I wish Coach Gill the best and hope he will be successful, but I feel we should also acknowledge Coach Mangino's success and also recognize who really left KU with the mess they were left with.

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