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Column: KU’s 2015-’16 outlook uncertain

I don't like the one and done deal anymore than most of you. I find myself falling into the "no experience" argument often. I absolutely think there is something to be said about having experience. However, if we look at Kentucky and the success they are having with Freshman year after year, then i'm not sure experience is the end all be all. Maybe we just haven't found the right mix of talent yet?

In my opinion, a balanced team with experience guys and some young ultra talented guys would give us the best chance at tourney success.

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Column: Alexander candidate for huge progress at break

Supposed to be Kansas 10. not 1

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Column: Alexander candidate for huge progress at break

The sky is not falling Jayhawk fans:
From Grantland.....perspective!!

10. Kansas


It’ll be our secret, Kansas fans. Don’t tell anyone that the Jayhawks are 8-1 against the toughest schedule in college basketball, and that their only loss came against what could be a historically great team. Don’t remind people that Kansas was a young team that faced Kentucky without much of a scouting report because it was only the Wildcats’ third game of the season. Don’t explain how that game would look completely different if they played again tomorrow. Kansas would probably still lose, but it wouldn’t be a 32-point blowout.3

But don’t let anyone know about that. Let them keep thinking Kansas sucks because Kentucky boat-raced the Jayhawks in mid-November. Let them think Kelly Oubre is a bum who won’t have an impact this year. Let them think Frank Mason can’t run the point and Perry Ellis is overrated. Whatever you do, don’t tell the rest of the college basketball world that Kansas has beaten Tennessee, Michigan State, Florida, Georgetown, and Utah in its last five games, that four of those five games were played away from Allen Fieldhouse, and that Ellis, Mason, Oubre, Cliff Alexander, and Wayne Selden still haven’t all played their best in the same game this season. That way it’ll be more fun when people realize in January that Kansas is actually pretty damn good.

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Column: Make or break — CMU game could seal Weis’ fate

Does anyone really believe that Weis was AD Zenger's first option? I don't. My guess is he talked to several others first and couldn't sell the Jayhawk football program to them. My question is what big name coach would want to come here now?

I think Weis deserves the rest of the year and see how it plays out. Then make a decision. Remember Reagan had offensive success at Rice. He might be the guy to take over this program. If not him, it will likely be someone like him.

Our best chance is to find someone like Bill Snyder. I was to young to know much about Snyder, but I think he was pretty much a no name when State hired him.. That is what KU needs, to find the diamond in the rough. A guy who will "OWN" the program and want to stay here long term (with success). I find it unrealistic that KU can grab someone with very much previous success. And if by chance we did, would they bolt at the first "better" job available?
Just sayin. Rock Chalk!!

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LeBron James' decision to head home brings uncertainty for Andrew Wiggins

You never know. Lebron mentioned Waitors in his letter. Now there are reports that he is on trading block for Love. I'm sure Cavs really want to keep Wiggins, but they very likely are going to have to part ways with him to get someone like Love. I hope he gets to stay. What better situation for him.

Lebron will be double teamed, that leaves people open. Plus Wiggs can learn so much from Lebron. It could be the difference between unbelievable success for Wiggs or failure.


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Joel Embiid has stress fracture in foot, will undergo surgery Friday

Terrible news for Jo. The only possible good news is that he might get picked by a team that is more stable. I hope he gets healed and lives up to his potential. Because it is off the charts.

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Self: Jayhawks thrilled to represent U.S. at 2015 World University Games

Does this get Coach Self's foot in the door to coach Olympic teams when Coach K retires?

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Self says Ukrainian recruit will provide immediate impact

Even if he does not get on a strength program and high calorie diet, he will get stronger. He is only 16!!!!!

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Column: Bench pushes Kansas to victory over Oklahoma State

Think about it. We get nothing from Wiggy or Ellis. Selden not great. Our bench, Beed And Tharpe beat a top ten team. We are crazy deep. Starting to love this team.

Think how dominate Beed and Wiggins would be if they played four years like manning? Would we ever lose a game?

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Mark Mangino back in the Big 12

Mangino is not coming back to KU but he just might come back to the state of Kansas. Bill Snyder is no spring chicken. MM has ties to K-state. He may be biding time until the K-state job opens up and it will soon.

The question is...Can K-state swallow pride and hire a ex-jayhawk coach? They hired that train wreck Ron Prince, so anything is possible. However, I think that MM would be much better than Prince ever thought about being. How awful would that be to sit in Memorial and watch MM come in and pound us every other year?

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