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Opinion: TV rights agreement ensures Big 12's long-term stability

I expected more than a few poorly explained facts linked together by conjecture. I'm disappointed, Mr. Tait.

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D-tackles difficult to find

Once again, Keegs is wrong. James M. was the exception not the rule. We can continue to recruit undersized D-kinsmen looking for stars but we need to hang our hats on big Kansas farm boys. If we had 4 legitimate 325 pounders, we could stop the run. No, those boys wouldn't often make the play but they would require constant double teams and plug the middle. Screw speed at DT, where's the beef?

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Big 12 ADs seeking stability

This 6 year nonsense is just that, nonsense. It is all well and good that each school has pledged 1st and 2nd tier TV rights to the league for stability, but what happens when the league no longer exists? My understanding is that the league survives so long as it has 5 member schools, any fewer and it is disolved. What then happens if UT, TT, OU, and OSU get a sweet deal to the PAC and MU gets an invite to the SEC? My understanding is that KU, KSU, ISU, and Baylor would sh*t out of luck. This pledging of rights to the league is effective to stop individual defections but will do little to ward off a mass exodus. Just my $.02

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Former Kansas Athletics Inc. employees headed to court in KU ticket scandal case

"The defendants will be required to plead not guilty to the charge" I'm fairly certain that they won't be "required" to plead not guilty.

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FootballCoachScoop ruins lives

I don't like, I'm upset, this REALLY bothers me. I ACTUALLY AGREE WITH DOOGIE!?!?!?!? I feel so dirty.

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Mangino not living on his knees

Phogdog "Mangino made me a KU football fan, just as Roy WIlliams made me a basketball fan." So you're a front-runner, fair weather, and bandwagon fan all in one. Despicable. KU football will be better off without "fans" like you.

The damage is done. Lew, go get us one hell of a coach or you're next.

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Shoot for the stars

Matt1958, EXACTLY! I've been telling the same thing to all of my friends. This kid is the new King Richard, except he's got Richard's body junior year as a freshman. LOVE THIS KID!

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The Ultimate Fantasy Draft, 2009 KU football style

bjbabyjay = Doogie? ;-)

Stub is the pick, he instantly provides pass rush which is something we desperately need!

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The Ultimate Fantasy Draft, 2009 KU football style

Jesse always brings us great stuff! Fact filled and fun to read. LJW PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let Jesse do ALL (or as much as he wants) of the football writing. Doogie isn't really working out. I appreciated your equal opportunity hire of a Methsourian but Jesse has talent! Shoot, if Newell did more writing for this rag, I might actually subscribe!

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