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Late run in first half lifts Kansas past West Virginia in Big 12 semifinals

Post Brad's rant in the KU locker room before tonight's game!

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Late run in first half lifts Kansas past West Virginia in Big 12 semifinals

With respect to convoluted team loyalties... I was born in Des Moines, IA and as a young boy I was a huge fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes in the days of the Kenny Ploen and Randy Dunkan Rose Bowl victories. (Didn't think much of the "local school" in Ames.) When I was 10 years old we moved to Kansas. It didn't take me long to notice guys like Wilt Chamberlain and John Hadl and I eventually became a hard core Jayhawk fan and eventual KU student. I have KU season tickets for Football and get back to Lawrence a couple times a year for football and basketball games. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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Game day breakdown: Kansas basketball at TCU

"If I'm Bill Self I'm not worrying about the conference title or tournament seeding. Just trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle together. Don't rush Garret's return and don't expect Vick to come back."
Agree with Dane. A 15th conference championship would be great,., but it's most important to have the team firing on all cylinders by the time the NCAA tournament starts. And, three wins in the Big 12 tournament would be good momentum for that.

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Game Day breakdown: No. 13 Kansas basketball vs. Kansas State

Crisp passes, aggressive on the boards, high energy, smothering defense, open looks, dead-eye threes, steely eyed focus and determination... And having fun!
I predict KU by 12.

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Game Day breakdown: No. 13 Kansas basketball vs. Kansas State

Agree.. He seems clumsy and at times frenetic. Can't see to hold on o the ball. Reminds me of Thomas Robinson when he was a freshman. And, we all know how he eventually turned out.

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Quick recap: No. 11 Kansas trounces No. 16 Texas Tech to end two-game skid

I agree with Bryce... “I felt like Kansas played with the mentality of a wounded animal.” The governing body of college basketball just issued an unbelievable and unjust ruling against their friend and teammate. They are livid, incensed, and really pissed! This created the laser beam focus and determination that we saw on the court today. An un-elected bunch of bureaucrats, without due process, just issued a totally unfair and unwarranted ruling that could most probably be the end of their teammate and friend’s very promising basketball career. I suspect we have not seen the end of the Jayhawks' renewed energy and resolve. Look out K-State.

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Dedric Lawson willing, able to take on even more

We'd all love for that to be true, Suzi. Gut feeling? Or, more info out there?
Rock Chalk!

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No. 11 Kansas falls on road again, drops 73-63 defeat at Texas

Amplifying on two of Duane's points...
3rd: Lightfoot does not have a firm grip on the ball. Weak hands? Too many times after he gets a rebound, an opponent grabs the ball out of his hands.
5th: Last night Charlie Moore dribbled around the perimeter aimlessly eating up clock which eventually resulted in a shot clock violation. Not the first time he's done that.
Very frustrating game. Hard to watch.

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No. 9 Kansas drops 71-63 decision at No. 8 Kentucky during SEC/Big 12 Challenge

I was unable to watch the game. But looking at the box score this morning, from purely the game stats it looks very close, except for a large disparity in number of free throws attempted (23 vs 11) which made a difference of 9 points scored. For those who watched, I'm wondering if it looked like there was some sort of home court advantage with the refs, as is sometimes claimed by opponents at Allen Field House?

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