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Power struggle: Four spot well-stocked during Bill Self decade

Markieff Morris was a PF. Just because he was the fifth starter for the 2011 team doesn't make him a center. I too would consider Darnell a PF, Sasha would have been the center on those earlier clubs. IMO.

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Opinion: Track title sets tone for other KU sports

When you're KU Football, you probably have to take some gambles. Rightly or wrongly.

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KU women in 1st at NCAA Outdoor

Dixon not qualifying in the 400 is pretty upsetting. Couldn't believe it last night when it happened. Gotta keep adding points though.

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With eye on recruiting, Weis schedules future series with Hawaii


How does the Hawaiian Exemption affect calculating bowl eligibility? Is the extra home game permitted to be calculated in such?

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Air Force assistant joins staff of Kansas women

Underachievement and overachievement are curious concepts in sports, especially college basketball.

Is it underachievement to finish seventh in the hands-down toughest conference to play in in the country, but then advance to the Sweet 16 when you aren't constrained to playing the toughest opponents possible? Or is it overachievement to finish seventh in your conference, still receive an NCAA tournament bid, then advance to the final sixteen teams in the country? While regular season results are frustrating, the end result is a curious one.

To contrast: Is it underachievement to finish tied for first in what many believed to be a very watered down conference to play in this year, but then receive the overall #2 seed in the NCAA tournament and advance to the Sweet 16? Or is it overachievement to finish first in the league (again), even if it is in a tie, receive the #2 overall NCAA tournament seed, then advance to the final sixteen teams in the country? While regular season results can be frustrating, the end result is a curious one.

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Twice as nice: KU women enjoying return trip to Sweet 16

I hope to be driving to Arlington Sunday morning for the Regional Final. In such an event, does anyone know of an AM channel you can listen to our women's games on in Oklahoma?

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Opinion: Big 12 better than it seemed

And here I thought this league was a race for 2nd...

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KU women fall at Iowa State, 83-68

10,681 fans watched this game last night? Impressive. Not surprising Iowa State sits in 2nd in the Big 12 behind Baylor. Something tells me that if our women were 11-5 in the league and sitting in second they wouldn't be drawing 10,000+ to a similar game hosting Iowa State.

Sometimes I can't help but wonder, "if she built it, would they come?" A circle doesn't have a beginning, and sadly, it also doesn't have an end. I guess that's a major reason why I may love Charlie Weis so much, it's more linear to him than it is to me.

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Big 12: Officiating errors were made at end of regulation in KU-ISU game

A result based decision. If Iowa State had won, there would have never been a review. It makes me fear these officials will now think twice about making a call down the stretch that benefits KU.

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Nick Krug describes his view of charging Iowa State fan; Can Bill Self get to 1,000 wins?

Jayhawks: making Cyclones cry for 115 years.

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