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Rio Adams a goner; Ben McLemore decides today

Also a bit curious as to why would Ben schedule a news conference to announce something everyone expects, wouldnt he just put it out there?? Makes me hope he stay's 1 more year.

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Rio Adams a goner; Ben McLemore decides today

I wonder if HCBS will be dipping into the JUCO ranks to find his "impact" players?

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KU basketball notebook: Frankamp on fire; latest on Rio Adams

Agreed Strike, I was at the game last week and still have a hard time accepting it.

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Jayhawk fans could benefit from cheap Sweet 16 and Elite Eight ticket prices

Nothing like being there, I'm going with my oldest son who's a grad student at KU. The tickets were $135 each, hotel room $300 for 2 nights so not bad for some father son time. Going to attend the pre-game party and pep rally hosted by the KU almuni assoc. and hopefully KU will get a win and another shot at the final 4

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WKU coach asked if he's a fan by Sprint Center security; Elijah Johnson says experience will pay off for KU

I hope he does something stupid here and gets t'ed up for it and it costs his team a shot at winning, that would teach a valuable lesson to this young man.

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KU's bench and some numbers that are hard to believe

Its not just the shooting of the bench players that scares me, its the pace at which they play. When the coach gives the starters a rest our offense slows down, and I mean way down. I sure hope they get better because next year could be a long year if they cant pick up the pace.

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Opinion: Time to throw out theories for tournament success

sorry forgot to add.....knock on wood.....

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Opinion: Time to throw out theories for tournament success

Losing is never a good idea, period. Besides they get a week off before they play a game in the NCAA so no way would winning the Big 12 make them any more tired, the only concern about playing 3 straight days is injuries.

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Bill Self: Landen Lucas will ‘be a load’

I share the same routine!!

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Cliff’s Notes: Bill Self press conference, 2/28/13

Those uni's are UGLY!! Thank goodness we wont be wearing them for the NCAA tourny.

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