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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

Strong possibility that we would see someone transfer, as well.

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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

Sorry, meant to also include ESPN, where he is currently ranked 10th. The chances that he will end up inside the top 10 in all of those are fairly high.

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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

I've read more than one Scout suggest that. And he'll likely be top 10 in every recruiting service by the end of the year (247 has him 4th, Scout currently at 11). I don't think it's a stretch to say he "might be" the best in the class...

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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

Make no mistake, this is a huge, huge pick up. This kid might be the best player in the class.

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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

Self has shown a pretty solid balance, which is really what you need to compete in today's environment. You cannot just forget about the best players in every class. If you do, you will not win. But you also need a good group of roll players, as well as those guys that take some time to develop. Self seems to have the right mix of it all... and clearly it is working as he is the winningest coach, like ever, over the last 10 years. Having an OAD or two on a national championship caliber squad every year is just the reality of the situation. Now, if he has to reload with 7 of them every year like Cal, then perhaps it might be time to be concerned...

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Behind the Lens: 'Jayhawk Decade'

Great piece, Nick. And I believe I speak for most when I say that you are an invaluable asset to the LJWorld. You have incredible instincts and a natural feel of an artist that cannot be taught. We are all very lucky to have you to capture what is often much more than a thousand words a click.

Keep up the great work, because up ahead of you is 10 more years of the best basketball in KU history.

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KU turns attention to stadium revamp

A very nice, low brick wall seems like a natural replacement for the chain link fence there now. They cannot take away the view of the HIll. The view of Campanile is far too iconic and a symbolic representation of KU to be taken away. They will absolutely find a way to incorporate that into the design.

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Specialists shine, top rankings

Atrocious O-Line and WRs who can't get separation to save their lives, and Heaps still had a decent game, all things considered. Imagine if he had the 2008 OLine and Dez and Meier to throw to. He's not Todd Reesing, but he could do some damage with those kinds of weapons.

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KU defensive lineman Marquel Combs likely to red-shirt

Legitimate point, but also needs the caveat that A&M has a pretty awful defense for a top 25 team.

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UCLA transfer QB T.J. Millweard commits to KU

Off subject, but I thought this was an interesting piece worthy of sharing...

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