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Self sees no reason to panic just yet

First let me say that Bill Self is one of the best College Basketball Coaches in America. There would be a line at his door if KU was foolish enough to let him go.
With that said, I always wonder why, with all our talented bodies, Coach Self does spring a couple of presses on our opponent each game. It seems to me that our kids really like that style of play and it may knock off the some of the lethargic play.
The past few games it seems that Self is content with allowing the opponent to run its set on offense rather than attack the other team and take them out of their plan.
I'm baffled Self has yet to maximize the talent and bodies to his advantage. He always has the best and most athletes from top to bottom in the BigXII.
Let's Go Jayhawks!!

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Spartans, Denzel Valentine beat KU at Champions Classic

It all comes down to heart and KU BB has not possessed it since 2012.

I firmly believe that Self's biggest irony as a coach is that he has a depth of talent every year and refuses to use it to his advantage. He never surprise presets or tries to push the tempo. But he has all the talent in the world to split minutes. It's a shame.

I like Bill Sel, however the jury is starting to congregate. I'm tired of watching teams that have no BB IQ and no heart.

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KU hits road wooing prep Diallo

A KU team hasn't "cared" since the 2012 Runner-Up Team. Self needs to stop accepting the fact that he takes the blame "it's my fault for not having my team prepared". He said that too much this year. When is he going to start hold the players accountable by sitting them on the bench? Let's start getting back some urgency when they are on the floor.

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After season-ending loss, Jayhawks will contemplate what's next

It continues to baffle me that Coach Self consistently "holds back" talent on the bench. Why is it that he has potential like Svi and Michelson that don't see the light of day against a team that starts 4 guards and 1 forward? Year after year the Jayhawks have a plethora of talent sitting while guys like Seldon, Greene and Traylor habitually play well below their ceiling. Self has to shorten the leash with these guys and teach them the way they will only understand ... On the bench. It's hard to argue with 11 straight BigXII titles but when you exit consistently below your seed in the tournament you have to look in the mirror. When will Self develop all of his talent available towards the end result of success during the most important time of year the National Championship?
Well, there is next year when the expectations are great. Final Four or bust. Will Coach Self have his team ready for the challenge? I guess we have to wait until next March.
Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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Jayhawks share blame after blowing 17-point lead to Iowa State

I'm not a doctor but my prescriptions would be the following for next year:
Get stronger with the ball. Perry, Wayne and Brannen in that order.
Utilize all our talent. Bill you have a plethora of studs run them out there with aggression. Throw a press on every once and a while. Dictate the pace. You don't have to press all game long. But a "surprise" will change the momentum.
Develop a sense of urgency. It seems that lately our team isn't as excited to play as the other. A little fire and brimstone would be niceI know this will change as everyone gets a year older. I'm confident that we will "develop" that, but Bill needs to reinforce this more often.
In retrospect, 11 straight isn't so bad!

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Landen Lucas banged up, too

I've alway's hoped Bill Self would utilize all his talent available to him. Landen is a stud, and it's a shame that injuries have opened his eyes to the fact that Lucas and Michelson are viable resources.
Self needs to maximize the use of all the talent at his disposal.
Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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Column: Cyber bullies unfair to Ellis

We should not be upset about Perry missing the potential game-winning lay-up, although he should've made it. We all should be disappointed that Perry and his teammates allowed their opponent to get 22 offensive rebounds. That should make all Jayhawks upset.

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KU-bound Oubre hits late FTs in McDonald's game

Turner was the least athletic player out there yesterday. He fouled Okafor every time he guarded him. The refs swallowed their whistle for obvious reasons in this game.
Turner will be great somewhere else.
The Jayhawks have plenty of talent inside next year, even if Embiid leaves.
What the Jayhawks need is a PG that is has a killer instinct and can guard.

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Study: Eight teams fail to meet standard; KU perfect

Scot Ward is an absolute STUD! Great Job Scott and all the staff in keeping the student athletes focused.

Rock Chalk!

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Wiggins' 41 not enough for KU in 92-86 loss at West Virginia

This team hasn't played well since they clinched the Big 12 Title. They have been told all year that there are 3 seasons within a basketball season. They had nothing to play for since winning the 2nd season. Now they are gearing up for season #3. It's time to go win the Big 12 Tournament.

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