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Two of a kind

First off there will be one team i am going to say will give us a run and that is Texas @ Texas....and this stupid ass guy talking about the wack ass SEC like it is good or something....even the weak teams in the big 12 are going to be tough......i mean try to go on the road and win at Iowa st. or Nebraska ... even Baylor all im trying to say is the big 12 is allways tough man i cant wait for the season to start....Rock Chalk Jayhawk

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More Issues For Us (Recruiting Violations?)

hey orbiter....i bet you like it when these so called thugs win us a NC though....RIGHT? and play a hip hop song as we cut down the net.....RIGHT? and by the way these kids are not thugs they are kids in college having fun and playing basketball......and obiter dont get mad because these so called thugs and going to be making millions while you make your $7.75 an hour flipping burgers......Rock Chalk Jayhawk

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Apologies issued

O.K. this is the way i see it. These guys are in college and they are having fun. So what they got into a fight that stuff happens all the time its just cuz we are the Jayhawks that it is being blown up so much. The only thing that gets me kind of mad is that is was over a chick.... Im sure that their are many more females around to just be fighting over one. so come on lets get over this and get ready to win another NC....RocChalkJHawk

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Self: Memphis could be like KU last year

We are going to kill these guys. We might be up by 20 at the half. The only it might be close is if we are up big and Self brings the bench guys with 10 min. To go in the game. I really don't think anybody will give us a game this year. Maybe the Texas game. But all in all we have too much for anybody to hang with us this year. RocChalkJayHawk!!!!!

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