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FINAL: Tyler Thornton's clutch threes push Duke past Kansas, 68-61, in Maui Invitational final

That had to be one of the worse games by a KU point guard. How can you have 11 turnovers? Some of the things TT does just kills me, half the time he is out of control or trying to make a pass that is not there. I don't care how many points he had..... Because they scored more off his mistakes than he scored himself. Still a great game to watch, and in my mind we are still the 1 to beat in the Big 12. RockChalkJayHawk BABY!!!!! Till I die.

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How many more recruits do you think Bill Self will sign before the spring period ends?

I voted 3.... Were I'n alot of trouble this year. It's going to be a long season, But I still love my Hawks........!!!!! RockChalkJayHawk BABY!!!!!

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Dancing flash mob at KU basketball game provides popular floor show

What about " THA BIG PHOG MOBB"

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2010 NBA Draft Contest: Make your picks and be eligible to win a Paul Pierce jersey

Aldrich - rd.1 pick 13
Henry - rd.1 pick 12
Collins - rd.2 pick 41

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Pac-10 games highlight KU's non-conference men's basketball schedule

Our schedule this year is come we never play ACC teams or Big East teams.....who cares about the WACK 10....i wanna go play Duke @ duke or something like that

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A league of his own

I am so great full to be a Jayhawk.To see these guys over come all the the fight with the football team, Brady getting a DUI, and all the pressure of being the best team in all of the land.This group of guys have come together at the right time....Crunch time.And now we just take it one game at a time and wait to get that #1 over all seed in the field of 65 and go kick some ass.I cant wait to see Mr. Collins get that 2nd ring and go on as one of the greatest Jayhawks ever.Man i love being a Jayhawk. RockChalkJayHawk!!!!!!!!

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Kansas gunning for sixth straight Big 12 title tonight

Wow....To win 6 in a row would bet great.And for Collins to have 4 in his time at KU is just another thing he can tell his kids about. I mean really for a team to win 6 in a row in a Conference like the Big 12 is remarkable. Im so glad that im a Hawk fan.There is no other school that i could see my self following.And i will pass on the tradition to my kids like my father did to me.I just hope we follow up with a Big 12 Tournament tittle and then of course a National Championship.Man its great to be a Hawk.RocChalkJayHawk....KU

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Marcus takes top Keegan honor for 7th time this season

you know what i really dont post much but i see all you guys give sherron all this crap but when he does something good everybody is all on his nutz. he is our floor leader and without him on that court we would have alot more than 1 loss. so give the guy a break and just let him win us another NC. RocChalkJayHawk

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KU twins eager for return to Philly

i am so ready for Temple.....they are going to get what they asked for....and that will be a Jayhawk beating that they will never forget.....Go JayHawks......

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