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Coastal's Jamey Chadwell thinks 2021 Jayhawks look 'completely different'

I thought Jamey Chadwell would have been the next head coach for Kansas. He turned that team around very quickly.

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3 potential candidates with rising stock since KU football's last coaching search

I think KU needs to hire a head coach and his entire coaching staff with their next pick. I the Coastal Carolina Head Coach and his staff would be the best decision. He is young had a great first Year. His buyout clause is only 150 thousand. I think it was embarrassing with Less Miles and all the assistant coaches quitting because they could not work with each other. It really hurt the team.

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Les Miles done as KU's football coach

For thr next Head Coach. It would be best to hire an entire coaching staff. I think Iowa State did that with the Matt Campbell hire and they are now contenders in the Big 12. I think that Coastal Carolina Head Coach and his staff would be great. That's how they hired Glenn Mason.

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Former KU football C Alex Fontana selected 7th overall in CFL Draft

I was on Twitter and thought I saw his name on the Kansas City Chiefs walk on list and he participated in the rookie camp this week.

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Familiar result: Kansas football suffers overtime loss to Nicholls State

In a tight game KU should have went after the Nicholls State Kicker. Kansas over the last 3 seasons should have learned that. Just joking

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Bounced by Baylor: Jayhawks frustrated by 'unacceptable' 38-9 loss

Can someone tell me why Kansas or any other Division 1 College, does not pursue or take a chance on Division 2 All-Americans, who might want to play Division 1 Football? Is it against some kind of rules to talk to an athlete on a D2 and recruit them to a D1 team? I was told that D3 Schools do not provide Scholarships to their players. If this is true. Why not go after some of the D3 players and offer them a chance to Walk on the Team. Heck if there team goes undefeated and wins their National Championship offer up walk on's to the entire team. Rock Chalk Go KU....

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Bounced by Baylor: Jayhawks frustrated by 'unacceptable' 38-9 loss

I think if Kansas keeps firing head coaches. No one will want to take the head coaching position when it comes available. As terrible as this sounds I think Beaty needs to stay 2 more miserable seasons. I am banking on with all the future donations to the KU Football Stadium project. There will be plenty of $$$ incentives around for recruits to come to Kansas.

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Kansas QB Bender needs to find 'quick answer' to avoid sacks

I think we need to have a Quarterbacks by Committee. I would like to see Tyreek Starks run the ball, and Carter Stanley runs some plays. Bender seems to me he can't play a an entire game. He can't throw the ball accurately more than 20 times.

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KU opens Big 12 play vs. 'explosive' West Virginia

Wasn't Clint Bowen the HC for that game?

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KU opens Big 12 play vs. 'explosive' West Virginia

I am thinking the West Virginia coach will tell his Quarterback not to throw to any wide open receivers this week. He will challenge his QB to through to receivers that are covered. This will keep the score down and keep the first string in longer.

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