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Reports: Wiggins to sign contract, but Cavs still pursuing trade

KUSPORTS does anyone there even look at your survey questions? Honestly, are they created by grade schoolers? I don't mind filling them out, it's just not that big of deal but today I was asked repeated questions about my down jacket and it's care. As if I've ever owned a down jacket in my life. So for my wasted 30 seconds they got answers that are meaningless as the first question was not "do you own a down jacket?" This is not the first time for this type of thing either. Sometimes they do ask if you own or use something then even if you do not they still ask you questions about whatever it is.

I know you guys don't make them up but if it is possible to provide feed back please do. This makes the site unappealing and you've lost enough users as it is.

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Reports: Wiggins to sign contract, but Cavs still pursuing trade

I hope Cleveland gives Wigg's some time to see how he meshes with James before making a move. There is just something about Love I just don't like although stat wise he looks like a superstar. However I fear 30 days after signing Andrew is gone to the nba's death valley.

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Bulls re-sign Kirk Hinrich to 2-year deal

Congrats Kirk!

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Cavs torn between Wiggins and Parker; more coming out on Embiid's health

In the Doc's defense the Hudyization process really doesn't kick in until after the first season. It does take time to build someone up and even Andrea can't create results over night. I do not think they have the time to properly build up incoming freshmen without taking a chance of screwing up their body mechanics with no time for the player to get used to, and adapt to, the changes.

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Column: NBA mock drafts a mockery; Embiid still No. 1

I seem to get the one about what tv shows I watch on what provider over and over. Says I get 7 days and then same thing pops up again the next day. I've decided to fill each out differently until they catch on they have a problem... forever in other words.

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Self optimistic about Embiid’s NBA future

Boston would be a great place for Jo Jo. Might be a bit of a slam to go 6 instead of 1 or 2 but getting a team with that kind of history would be a great bonus.

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Former Kansas center Joel Embiid has successful foot surgery in California

Ouch, that might set him back a few places

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KU basketball tradition touted as 'great fit' for World University Games

JoJo can't play for USA, not born here, that goes for Wiggs as well.

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Self: Jayhawks thrilled to represent U.S. at 2015 World University Games

Theory time, lets assume they come up 2 players short and need to add in former players not in the pros and that are 24 and under the summer of 2015. Reed is too old, darn it, so is Teahan, who else is available and who would get your pick?

For the life of me I can't think of a player that would be under 24 that isn't playing pro ball somewhere or currently is on the team or signed. That is other than perhaps Josh Selby who if memory serves will be 24 next summer and I am unsure if he's playing currently

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After four straight Finals appearances, should Chalmers leave Miami?

We were discussing this last night. One thing to keep in mind, like Len says above, Mario is not there to score in Miami. He is a facilitator and a defender and is very very good at his job. What stands out to me is the nights when the big 3 are having an off night collectively Chalmers steps up and knocks down 20 or so keeping Miami in the game.

Mario is a team player, he showed that at KU and he's showing that in the pro's. He knows his responsibilities and fulfills them to the best of his ability which is pretty dang high. If he moves to a team that requires scoring from their point guard I expect he will be quite capable of fulfilling that role as well as he does the one in Miami.

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