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KU suddenly thin at point guard

I believe what Self has said is that Jamari will "initiate" the offense. That does not necessarily include bringing the ball up the court. He will be the guy at the top of the key with the responsibility of moving the ball side to side and driving if given the chance. I've seen big guys do this, to tired to pull up a name right at the moment. Their height gives them some visibility/passing advantage and if they are quick enough makes them a tough guy to guard.

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How former Jayhawks fared in NBA games of Dec. 2, 2014

Could you please return to putting win/lose in with the player stats. I miss that feature.

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PG Graham grand in guiding Kansas to season-opening win

Greene did not play after failing to block out, a cardinal sin in Self's eye. Svi impressed me when he changed his game up after missing a few threes and started cutting inside. He keeps that up and his outside shot will start falling as well making for a tough guarding assignment.

I agree that Oubre does not have a grip on the system. He still looks a bit lost and confused on the floor. I am not surprised by Svi being over Oubre, he is probably the most experienced freshman I've ever seen and at 17 no less!

Very excited to see KU/UK and see how KU holds up against that kind of size. If UK plays as a bunch of talented individuals instead of a team KU's D should make the difference.

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Self: Mykhailiuk deserves to start

Blacked out in 99% of Kansas, again :(

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Landen Lucas, Kansas struggle at line

Thomas Robinson, Tyshawn Taylor, Travis Releford, Jeff Withey, and any younger former players would all be in the age range i believe, as long as they are taking a class at KU. It did read like anyone playing for an NBA team is out due to contract restrictions, but that might just be the way I read it.

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New York prep concludes KU visit

I am sorry, if they go 0-32 I'd be upset with Self, 1-31 perhaps would be ok... Jeez!

It is true, there would have to be a run of bad seasons before I could give up on HCBS.

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Overseas trip helped Mickelson shake ‘rust’

I believe that was a stab at all those that have mentors, not Ingram who appears not to. I'm not fond of this "mentor" trend as I expect these mentors are connected to agents or will become agents in time and that could turn around to bite someone down the road.

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Scot Pollard's nephew joining KU as walk-on

A walk on that has a history of being a great defender is a nice pickup. Not for game time but on the practice squad making the starters work just a bit harder and get just a bit better. If he is good enough to get some minutes time to time that is just a sweet bonus for both him and the program.

That being said, if he has the work ethic Scott did I can see him getting some time later on based on pure effort.

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Reports: Wiggins to sign contract, but Cavs still pursuing trade

KUSPORTS does anyone there even look at your survey questions? Honestly, are they created by grade schoolers? I don't mind filling them out, it's just not that big of deal but today I was asked repeated questions about my down jacket and it's care. As if I've ever owned a down jacket in my life. So for my wasted 30 seconds they got answers that are meaningless as the first question was not "do you own a down jacket?" This is not the first time for this type of thing either. Sometimes they do ask if you own or use something then even if you do not they still ask you questions about whatever it is.

I know you guys don't make them up but if it is possible to provide feed back please do. This makes the site unappealing and you've lost enough users as it is.

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