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Tom Keegan: Televised or not, Jayhawks handle road test

Now that is interesting statement, it appears our definition of expensive is at odds. It would cost me ` $70/month to add the package that includes cbssports. That to me is a pretty expensive add on to get one channel I'd watch once or twice a year.

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Holy Cross could give Jayhawks tough test

ESPN3 is blacked out over most of Kansas so no luck there. Unless you have access to the "approved" cable provider you are out of luck as a Kansas resident. I guess we are supposed to only watch out of state schools!

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Manning the point: Junior guard Evan Manning could see more time

You can tell when Evan is out there that he knows the system and is not a bit intimidated to be on the floor. He might not physically be as talented as others but mentally I can not help but believe he is at least their equal. I can see him providing valuable minutes of rest for Mason and perhaps be a good option against a pressing team when a third, level headed, ball handler is needed.

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New-look Owls to challenge Jayhawks

Thanks TK that makes sense.

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Column: Frank Mason influencing game, improving

I don't believe Greene has taken enough yet for his stats to "count".

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How former Jayhawks fared in NBA games of Dec. 20, 2014

I am still waiting for them to put win/loss back in!

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Manning could provide KU valuable minutes

Once more the game is blacked out all over Kansas on espn3 the only option I have for watching (legally). I am getting so sick of this! I have gotten to watch 2 games all year and have tickets for a 3rd. I believe that is the last tickets I will ever buy as KU's money grubbing ways have basically made it impossible to watch them anymore unless you live in an area that televises JayhawkTV.

Why they choose to punish those of us that live in small towns across the state is hard to fathom. I paid out the rear for the best cable package I could get for the ability to watch espn3 and now find that not adequate. IF this is not fixed by next year to hell with them!

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Cliff Alexander to make first start

Could see this coming glad it was sooner rather than later.

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KU suddenly thin at point guard

I believe what Self has said is that Jamari will "initiate" the offense. That does not necessarily include bringing the ball up the court. He will be the guy at the top of the key with the responsibility of moving the ball side to side and driving if given the chance. I've seen big guys do this, to tired to pull up a name right at the moment. Their height gives them some visibility/passing advantage and if they are quick enough makes them a tough guy to guard.

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How former Jayhawks fared in NBA games of Dec. 2, 2014

Could you please return to putting win/lose in with the player stats. I miss that feature.

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