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Andrew Wiggins plays all 45 minutes, tops ratings

with #3 I think it should be "without Joel.. not "with"

I like the ratings hope Greene gets it going, he is needed.

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Updated totals for KU basketball dunks, hustle plays

Meaningless perhaps, but this was asked for and I for one am happy to see it. The big guy leading the floor burn category impresses me the most!

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Self: KU center Joel Embiid out vs. TCU

What I pick up from this is a possible need to stay in college for another year so Hudy can work her magic and strengthen Joel's body to match his size and ability. If this much college ball has him torn up a season in the pro's could be ugly. To many players come out of college and end up seriously injured first year in pros harming their career in the process. It is my belief that learning how to properly condition yourself for the sport can help prevent this and don't think many can argue about Andrea's ability to get the best out of people.

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Amid talk of NBA prospects, KU's Tarik Black gets NFL attention

Kubie's Vapors

1] Yes

2] Wichita State (hey it's to cold to be creative)

3] Mason, first off the bench

4] Amen!

5] Sweet thought, KU needs their own PITA

6] Bwhahahaha

7] Oh is this guy good, watch some video if you haven't!

8] Curly fries, waffle fries seem to suck up to much oil and french fries are just so boring.

9] You meant to supply an answer in regards to the meaning of life. To bad you forgot it, I'm sure it would have improved the world.

Did I mention it's too # cold out?

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Undefeated Rockets not awed by KU

Lovely ESPN blacked it out, so now have to play games again to watch. It's a wonder I pay for cable at all!

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Perry Ellis OK after Kansas victory over Georgetown

Thanks for the Ellis update, he had me worried the way he was moving. Nice to hear it is not supposed to bother him for long!

Great game Jayhawks!!

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Self says Black’s breakout still to come

I am wondering if the new rule emphasis is hurting Black more than the others as he's had more time to become used to the old rules and implementation of them and as we all know, habits are hard to break. I've not had the time or energy to look at statistics related to this but it would be interesting to see a breakdown of fouls per minute by years of college experience.

Of course you would expect an experienced player to adapt more quickly as well so maybe it's a wash after all and Tarik is just having a bad run.

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KU men's basketball notebook: KU junior Naadir Tharpe gets back on track

Had the same reaction to Perry's 3, however he has good form and if you can knock that shot down it changes the way people have to guard you. Still like to see him in the paint but I remember several bigs hitting shots form outside just killing us in the past. Be nice to be on the other end of that from time to time.

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Gator Bait: KU basketball chomped, 67-61, by No. 19 Florida

Agreed, a Releford type experienced player would make all the difference. As would a vocal highly energetic person like Young. I had hoped Black would be the man who took a leadership position on the floor. He spends so little time out there though even if he wanted to I'm not sure he could pull it off. Tharpe seemed to have the potential last year but so far this year I have not seen it. That may be the reason Mason is starting, to give him the chance of becoming a leader.

Not sure who else has a shot at it, Wiggins has the skill but as a known 1 and done I do not think can. Ellis is too withdrawn and quiet, I have not gotten a handle on Selden but so far don't see him making the attempt, and all the rest are too green or role players.

Some how Self has to get someone to step up and be in charge on the floor, otherwise it's going to be a long year.

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Gator Bait: KU basketball chomped, 67-61, by No. 19 Florida

Running down his players? How about being honest?? "I don't think it was lack of effort, just everything went wrong that could' , "we were awful after that", "We are not a real skilled team yet. We pass the ball miserably. We don’t pass the ball well at all.”

Those comments are not running down players, they are stating facts. I have seldom seen Self say anything seriously negative about an individual player and when he has it was done in a factual manner. I do not pay any attention to football so don't have knowledge Weis's behavior. But for a coach Self does a pretty good job or managing his public comments.

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