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Top-10 big man Matthew Hurt chooses Duke

Look, none of this surprises me. The FBI has done it's job. I don't know what their connection to Nike is, but it is obvious to me that they are protecting one clients' name brand from their biggest competitor.

I enjoy basketball, and it pains me to say this, but look at how bad DI college revenue sports have become:

1. The best players in high school get pulled from their home schools and sent to "academies" that basically prop them up for college. Look at rivals top 10 and how many of the schools are a prep school or academy? Remember when Magic Johnson was born in Lansing, played in Lansing, went to college in Lansing? Yeah, me neither. This thing obviously starts way earlier than Adidas and Gatto and the FBI has chosen where to stop looking.

2. Schools are only protected when they are valuable to either the media (ESPN protects us because we fill their CST time slot to jump them to the West Coast, sorry, they do) and/or outside companies like Nike. They aren't protected because they do the right thing, graduate the right kids, etc... How would the Longhorn Network do if UT is put on probation in football for two years? Which is exactly why it won't happen.

3. The NCAA is nothing more than a protector of the schools in issue #2. It has not been about academics since (at best) Myles Brand died in office in 2009. We need to end the farce, pay the revenue sports, retain enough Title IX funding laws so that Alabama cannot ONLY fund their football team, yet recognize that their football team funds the other programs and pay accordingly OR let boosters etc pay extra money to the sports they care about in the form of scholarships that are refunded through the school. I cannot help that the South loves football and baseball more than hockey and rowing, it is a fact of life but let us stop acting like payments aren't happening.

4. The light at the end of the tunnel for KU basketball is maybe not being affiliated with the current Adidas system can end this garbage train of one and done players at KU. Our best teams were teams that stayed and played together for 3-4 years. Bill has become enamored with these elite players, but EVERY Final Four and Championship team we have has been carried by juniors and seniors. Freshman play roles, sure, like they did back when basketball was good. Hell, even Bruce Weber and Greg Marshall can win with experienced players, kinda (you see what I did there?!?!?!).

And for your zen moment... here is irony... This article was written in 1973 back when Duke was only an ACADEMIC school and considered an outsider in the eyes of the NCAA.

It would be interesting to see if their law school would allow that to be published today, since they are a "have" now.

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NCAA ‘aggressively’ pursuing evidence in college basketball corruption trial, NCAA president says

Look, I want us all to be honest here... you, me, and Mark Emmert. We know revenue sports athletes get paid. You know, I know, Emmert knows. So to the NCAA I say, “I will stop saying that you don’t know what you are doing when you admit that you know EXACTLY what THEY are doing and act openly instead of ‘enforcing’ these sham rules.” You cannot stop the flow of money, just be up front about it. If I had to choose between punishing Duke or opening up the system I choose the latter, but I am not sure the NCAA has any interest in either. The NCAA could be a better organization, it should be better, but it first has to be honest about the nature of revenue sports today.

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KU target Matt Hurt sets date to announce college decision

THANK YOU! For a second there I thought I was going to be the only one that somehow Nike is being protected in all of this by one conspicuous office. It is obvious Nike is paying more than just athletes.

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KU target Matt Hurt sets date to announce college decision

Since the FBI and the NCAA seem to be okay with Duke paying their athletes, I assume we have no shot.

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To avoid sanctions, KU basketball may need to convince NCAA Gassnola is not a booster

I would feel fine except for two things: 1) the NCAA has no moral compass and is trying to give the impression it does, and 2) Emmert is a tool and does not have the testicular fortitude to go after anybody bigger than KU, nor the compassion of his predecessor to actually look out for students.

So they will jack with KU to prove how awesome they are all the while never touching Duke, UNC, Ohio State, Alabama, Texas in any meaningful way.

This entire $hitshow is not about improving anything, it is about saving face and acting like the NCAA still matters.

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Charges allege that KU women’s volunteer volleyball coach burglarized homes, stole underwear for over a year

I am sure the NCAA will somehow blame Silvio for this...

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Silvio De Sousa ruled ineligible through 2019-20 season

So are they planning to revise their ruling on Cam Newton, since he did EXACTLY what Silvio did and was ruled eligible... in like a weeks time?

Do they plan to rule on Zion anytime soon? Oh wait, he is fine, Duke is fine and would NEVER pay their athletes...

I find the NCAA to be a bigger joke year after year.

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Report: FBI gives NCAA clearance to begin investigating some basketball programs in corruption scandal

How does Duke get a pass on this when we know Zion was asking for a LOT to commit? And thanks Townsend for not understanding how to play the game better...

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Report: Former KU basketball player Billy Preston no longer playing overseas

Am I alone in feeling like nothing good came out of any of this?

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KU clinches share of 14th-straight Big 12 title in win over Tech

God I love Devonte'.

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