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Jayhawks ranked 3rd in preseason AP Top 25

You suck. Nobody likes you. Please leave.

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Matt Tait: Moral victories have their place with Kansas football

LOL, he wasn't ON the West Coast, he was AT the West Coast (Saloon).

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5-star PF Isaiah Todd picks Michigan

It may be crazy, but I actually like filling our roster with the underrated or quickly rising 4-star talent that will stick around for three or four years and develop. Tired of the one-and-done carousel.

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4-star big man Gethro Muscadin picks Kansas

Am I the only person who expected this kid to look more like Bryant 'Big Country' Reeves with a name like Gethro??? LOL. Is Muscadin the next Joel Embiid? Great pick up, keep 'em coming!!!

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Khalil Herbert no longer member of KU football program

From the outside looking in, with only info from articles like this and those that came before... I wonder if he was pissed off that so many people, including Miles, kept talking about needing to give Pooka more carries? If I was tearing it up and dominating in comparison to another RB (especially one who has the history of Pooka), but my coach kept saying he needed to give the other RB more and more carries, I might want to leave too.

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Marcus Garrett ready to handle backup point guard role for Kansas

Also interesting: Isaiah Moss was set to attend Arkansas until the Kansas coaches convinced him to change his mind. If Mcbride ends up there it's almost like we traded the two.

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Player, positional versatility bring serious flexibility to 2019-20 KU basketball lineup

Gassnola? Just kidding. Bad joke. I'm sorry. Couldn't help myself.

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KU officials confirm they have received notice of NCAA violations; will 'fiercely dispute' charges

I kind of agree with Brett here for the first time in a while. Self and staff were cheating. Does the fact that I fully believe many other schools were/are doing the same thing make much of a difference? Meh. Kind of, but not really. Self crawled in bed with this slimeball Gassnola and didn't cover his tracks. If everyone is cheating, then you better not be the guy who gets caught or you make yourself, your school, and all of the people defending you look like fools.

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Unworried about receiving numbers, Daylon Charlot blocking while waiting for his time to come

Gotta love his humble attitude and recognition of the importance of downfield blocking for our incredible RB corps!

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Jayhawks ride with Carter Stanley and offense takes off

Miles sticking with Stanley after that INT on the second play of the game was the vote of confidence this kid needed to thrive. I’ll admit I was definitely thinking “Might be time to give MacVittie a shot” after that, but Miles knew best! Gonna savor this one all through the week and look forward to doing the same thing to WVU next Saturday afternoon in lovely Lawrence Kansas!!!!

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