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Opinion: Some of the top questions surrounding Kansas football

McKinney didn't arrive until the season was over last year.

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What, Charlie Weis worry? Coach sees good, bad, ‘crummy’

Not by KU, but years ago against KU, Nebraska had IM Hipp run for 100 yds in 1st quarter, Jarvis Redwine (I may have Hipp and Redwine in wrong order) ran for 100 in 2d quarter, and Roger Craig ran for almost 200 in 2d half (includig 99 yd TD)

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Texas A&M isn’t staying in Big 12

Texas A&M has the 10th largest endowment of all colleges and universities in US, with $5.7B.

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Running wild: Backs Bourbon, Pierson stand out

Dagger, if you are thinking about the same game I am, it was I.M. Hipp or Jarvis Redwine that 100 in the 1st Qtr, the other had 100 in the 2d Qtr, and Roger Craig had 200 in the 2d half, including a 99 yd TD.

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Allen Fieldhouse helps Turner Gill recruit for KU football, too

Good to see the various teams within the athletic department working together and understanding their roles in making KU a great place to go to school and to be a scholar athlete.

As for the comment from the current student, I used to spend the night for seats as far back as1979. We had more seats back then. You need to get mad at the apathetic student body of the early to mid 90s that were warned if they didn't start showing up for the games, the student body seats would be taken away. Those students failed to heed the warning and now students suffer as a result. You wouldn't be worrying about seats for recruits if the student sections had all of those lost seats.

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QB-turned-WR Kale Pick quickly adjusting to new position

GreyHawker, I suggest you read the Sports Illustrateds from this fall on various teams, such as Boise St,, Alabama, Texas, TCU, etc, all of whom have had several players change positions. If we took your attitude, we never would have had Kerry Meier at WR, Nick Reid at LB, TO at DE the past few weeks, which has made a difference. If you have good athletes who can get more playing time on the field, then as a coach you want to utilize your talent the best way possible. They do it in the pros as well. Leonard Little started as a LB and then the Rams moved him to DE. Not a bad move.

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KU football's 2011 conference schedule announced; nonconference game will be dropped

Why would we want TCU in the conference? Just another Texas school to compete against for recruits that are UT and aTm rejects. Notre Dame and BYU in the north. We are the only conference they can join and keep their separate TV contracts. Would make it easier for them to get into BCS bowl than as independent.

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Matt Tait’s KU football notebook

Because that is what the coaching staff believes is best for him and the team. Happens all the time in college football. How many games had Hawkinson played at LT in his life before 1st game of season last year? Or Kerry Meier at WR?

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Celebrated students: KU tight ends learning to read defenses

Article in Kirkwood local paper this week (McNeil played HS at Kirkwood) says he is moving to slot WR this year; at McNeil's suggestion after spring practice because they have so many good players at TE and need help at WR.

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With UT, there is no deadline

Plasticjhawk, you are kidding about ND, right? Tradition was all NCAA schools work together for a tv contract, and then at the last minute, ND bolts for its own deal with NBC to make money. ND will go to the B10, not because of tradition, but because they feel they may get cut out if they don't jump on the bandwagon of conference realignment. B10 allows them to preserve rivalries, not for tradition, but for fan interest and therefore, income.

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