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KU big man Gethro Muscadin enters transfer portal

Yours is a great explanation! It's amazing how few of the Baylor/Gonzaga players were top 40 HS recruits. (I think Timme was ranked below McCormack.) I don't blame kids who want to see their practice time rewarded with significant minutes. You only get one college career.

I'm more confused when a starter leaves. I'm thinking about Grimes who's in the FF as Houston's leading scorer. I'd like someone to remind me, if it was ever really known, what the reason was for him leaving. We could have used him. And if someone knows, what's the salary for an un-drafted, non-NBA player like Dotson?

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KU's Bill Self offers fond farewell to retiring Oklahoma basketball coach Lon Kruger

A Kansas legend. When Lon graduated from high school, he was the best basketball player in the state, the best football player, the best baseball player, and probably the best golfer. He and his teams have always exemplified class. Congratulations on a great career.

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Jayhawks in the mix for Northeastern point guard Tyson Walker

Looks like more of a scorer than Dajuan.

So - Lattrell out or Ochai turning pro?

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Quick recap: No. 3 seed Kansas avoids upset in 93-84 win over No. 14 seed Eastern Washington

DaJuan! We were +22 with DaJuan in the game. Literally filled the stat sheet. Treys, steals, a blocked shot. The offense is so much more fluid with him in. He can make a case for a 3-year starting PG role next year.

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Current winning streak helps Kansas reemerge as a team worth talking about as postseason draws near

Matt, Always enjoy your insights.
I'm sure you've taken note of the ranking of Houston and the play of Quentin Grimes. I think he's averaging about 16+ pts and 6+ boards this year. Can you refresh me (or speculate if appropriate) about the real reason for his transfer. I had heard he wanted to play point, but he's not a point guard past, present, or future. Could have used him this year, though. Thanks

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Jayhawks use productive Monday to reset focus for rest of the season

Tony, it was Fall of 1961. KU had lost Bill Bridges and Wayne Hightower from the previous year and had to wait until 1966 (Wesley, White, and Franz) to rejoin the top 10.

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Jayhawks use productive Monday to reset focus for rest of the season

When you lose Dotson, Dok, and Moss replaced by McCormack, Wilson, Harris, and Thompson (who's not playing), you have to expect to take a step or two backward. Our 2 pt shooting percentage is significantly diminished (both Dotson and Dok had great 2 pt %). On the other end, the improvement in our opponent's shooting, and our decreased steals and blocked shots exemplify a loss of defensive ability. We're still a good team, but we no longer have elite players that other teams have no answer for. Keep the underclassmen for another year and we'll be elite again.

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Notebook: KU's Jalen Wilson finishes with 22 total points in two meetings against OU's De’Vion Harmon

Record check: Benton or Matt - - Are 2 offensive rebounds in a game an all-time record? Of 32 chances for boards on our end, OU claimed 30 and KU 2? Has a guard (Garrett) ever claimed 50% of our total defensive rebounds before?

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There's still time for Tyon Grant-Foster to earn a spot in KU's rotation

IMO anything above 7 minutes is doubtful, barring injury to someone else. Maybe that's what is meant by a 'spot'. Hopefully he can demonstrate better defense, fewer forced shots, better ball movement and rebounding. Then he can earn meaningful minutes. I'd be ecstatic to be wrong on this and watch him step up. He's clearly a good athlete.

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No. 9 Kansas can't overcome slow start in 77-69 loss to No. 2 Baylor

I suppose it's advantageous to switch all the ball screens, but it does frequently result in Braun or Wilson matched up against a smaller, quicker guard who beats them off the dribble. David Mac is just not able to hedge/recover or block shots well enough to compensate. Hopefully Harris and Thompson will eventually become penetrators that pose the same problem for other teams.

On a minor pet peeve note, I've heard Bilas gripe about 'flopping' numerous times now. Someone remind him that the post defender is entitled to his place on the floor and shouldn't have to weigh 265 to hold his spot from the offensive players 'banging'. When the offense initiates hard contact, the only way to draw the correct call of charging is to fall straight backward. He doesn't seem to take issue with a charge call when someone steps in the path of a driving guard.

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