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Former KU coach Roy Williams released from hospital

HEM, thank you for the additional info and links that you provide. Posters like you are the reason I visit this site daily. It's much appreciated.

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KU commit Brannen Greene to visit for Late Night

Heard that Barber was caught stealing on his Louisville visit. Rumors of course but if there's any truth to it then not sure he's the type of guy we would have wanted anyway.

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Danny Manning appears Tulsa bound

I think you need to simmer down dude, just a question out of curiosity. It's been stated several times that Ellis adores manning and was a large reason for choosing ku.

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Danny Manning appears Tulsa bound

Will this have any effect on Perry Ellis commitment?

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Jayhawks in the NBA

What about Marcus? Darnell? How's Collins and Sasha Kaun? Heinrich?

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San Diego State's Steve Fisher unhappy in losing recruit

Arkansas leading scorer wants to transfer for his sr season? Any idea which school he wants to attend?

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Bill Self confident KU hoops will remain atop league standings

What's wrong with Big XII in basketball?

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Bill Self confident KU hoops will remain atop league standings

Look at what happened this year. We had great players and recruits weren't sure whether they would be able to play right away, and knew they wouldn't be the standouts on the team. Self thought the Morris twin would stay and because of that wasn't able to score the big recruits this yr. So he recruited some solid 3-4 year guys that are willing to work hard but wont threaten the big time recruits for pt and scoring (at least not in their perspective). I think Self knows we can still have a really good coming season with the returning players and these recruits, while at the same time setting himself to have a huge 2012 recruiting class. Self has won the league seven times in a row, I think he kinda knows what he is doing.

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No DeAndre Daniels, no sweat

Loved this article. Hate what college bball is turning into, players like Danielle need to go to Europe.

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Wait, what? DeAndre Daniels picks UConn

Couldn't agree more. Let Manning work with these guys and see what they look like in 3 years with a couple 5 star players around them that actually care about college bball. I'm so tired of players that just use schools as a 1 year pit stop til the NBA.

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