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Johnson signs one-year deal to play with team in Poland

Thanks for waiting your turn EJ. Thanks for the memories, good and bad. You're a loyal Jayhawk and I got nothin but love for ya my dude. Best of luck to you. Put yo shoes on!!!

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Ex-KU guard Russell Robinson finds overseas career rewarding

If you have a chance, right around 21:00 in the Windy City Pro-Am vid Tharpe has a nice dish to Jamari for a sick dunk. Traylor also has a couple nice blocks. Definitely worth a look.

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Rio Adams might stay

Hope Rio stays. I think he'll be a great player someday if he works hard. Someone has probably already mentioned this but is there any chance that he changed his mind once he figured out UCLA, Arizona, Oregon and whoever else wasn't interested in him?

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Bill Self: Landen Lucas will ‘be a load’

I don't want to dog frankamp bc I don't know him personally and if I was a stud like him I'm sure I'd be the same way but I have watched him play a few times over the yrs and he has come across with somewhat of a bad attitude. He doesn't ever stand with his teammates during the national athem and I've always thought he came across as having a bad attitude towards the refs. Buuuut the kid is only 17-18 so maybe I shouldn't expect so much out of him.

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Notebook: Kevin Young delivers one-liners in speech; top recruit Andrew Wiggins visits

K177 is on to us. We can fool the NCAA but nothing gets by K177... For having one of their best yrs since 77 kstate fans still seem awfully bitter

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Opinion: Weber great hire for K-State

Always one reason I've been so impressed w/ Snyder. Manhattan, KS cannot be an easy sell to top recruits

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Prep PG down to Irish, Illini; Bill Self visits F Aaron Gordon

This post says a lot more about you than it does Jaybate

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Bill Self fired up for dreaded Boot Camp

I was giving bennybob the edge until the wiping comment gave me a good laugh. Konkeydong slight favorite at this point

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Universally reviled Boot Camp awaits KU hoops

Ok it's official, White is going to be my favorite new player this yr

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