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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

P.S. Did somebody hurt Keegan's feelings again?

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

I agree with BoHawk above (and perhaps others that I did not read). This is just a way to link the survey questions and resulting demographic data collection to facebook accounts so that we will receive more unsolicited "postings of interest" on facebook. This constitutes an invasion of privacy, in my opinion.

LJW / KUSports ... say goodbye to those awards you're won as a premier sports information website.

By the way, I frequent some of your site's ad sponsers, mostly restaurants, and intend on advising them to pull their adds because of this.

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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

No, you're wrong. I was there. I heard them. They were actually saying that while in line. Other's observed and commented on it, too.

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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

Sorry, but making it a ticketed event would weed out many of last night's crowd. I observed and heard from others about many students going just because it was a free event. They were'nt interested in Bball or the players. It was just something FREE to do on a Friday night ... just "the place to be". Charging a nominal fee would assure that fans who really care about Bball and the team would commit and attend. It wouldn't take a large sum ... maybe $5 a ticket.

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Fans gather, wait overnight, for Late Night in the Phog

I, too, waited in line for FIVE HOURS without getting in. Mob mentality made waiting in line a useless effort. KUAC provided absolutely no crowd control and allowed thousands of blatanly discourteous and unethical jerks to rush, push, and shove their way past those of us who arrived early and waited in that sun and heat to attend. It cost me and my wife around $500 to travel to Lawrence to attend, like I've done most every year since Larry Brown started this event. The few "KU officials" near the front entrance were downright rude when asked for a status after they closed the doors. There was never a KUAC announcement on additional entry after that, although one of the "officials" said "we'll announce it when we announce it". Police finally broke up the remaining wait line after about an hour.

This is totally unacceptable behavior from my Alma Matter. Two years ago, the waiting lines tried to rush the doors and KU officials soundly turned them away and made them get back in line (at the back of the line). Where were they this year?

I saw anger and sadness in those who didn't get in. Some kids were crying. Nobody around me in "reject" line was a late arrival. Everyone had waited for many hours, just to get pushed aside by the mob. Condoning this behavior gives KU a black eye.

Now, I know, grouching about this here will have no effect other than to allow me and others to vent. But, I, for one, intend to call KUAC Monday morning to make it clear to Zenger and staff that this is totally unacceptable. I will, and encourage everyone else to use any and all forms of leverage with KUAC to assure that they never allow the mob to take over the event again.

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Quote, unquote: A look at some of the top quotes of the Bill Self era

My favorite player quote was from Sherron Collins on the possibility of leave early for the NBA.

"Why would anyone ever want to leave this place?" ... Sherron

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Joel Embiid happily signs for campers

He didn't have his heel on / over the line. It was a bogus call.

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Joel Embiid happily signs for campers

Thank you LJW for the pronunciation guide.

I've heard several variations of pronunciation over that last many months. Coach Self even inserted an "L" in the pronunciation during an interview a while back.

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Perry Ellis, now a KU veteran, aims to build on freshman finish

Perry first dunked in the 7th grade. Does anyone know how tall he was at that time?

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Memphis forward Tarik Black transfers to KU

They say to be careful of what you ask for ... you might get it. Duke will get what they asked for ... on Nov 12th, just not the way they wanted it.

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