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Devastating defeat: Jayhawks couldn't hold lead in 31-24 loss against Iowa State

While this year hasn't been good, the question is whether there has been improvement. I looked this up comparing this year and last at the same point in the schedule:

Year - Conference wins - Conference losses - Cf points - Cf points given up - difference - Average cf points scored - Average cf points given up - Toal wins - Total Losses - total points scored - total points given up - total difference - total average pts - total average pt given up.

2016 : 0 : 7 : 117 : 304 : -190 : 16.7 : 43.9 : 1 : 9 : 197 : 391 : -194 : 19.7 : 39.1
2015 : 0 : 7 : 094 : 336 : -242 : 13.4 : 48.0 : 0 : 10 : 169 : 459 : -290 : 16.9 : 45.9

This would indiate to me there has been some progress. Perhaps not as much as we would have liked to see, but it is there. All KU fans would like to see the pace of improvement increase next year.

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Former KU running back Brandon Bourbon found dead

I am truly sorry for Brandon's family and all those he touched while at KU, Washburn, and his community. This makes me wonder if this is another example of football concussions leading to personality changes and suicidal thoughts or actions. Maybe this is like Junior Seau at San Diego. It is a question that should be asked.

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Father explains Greene’s 6-game suspension due to playing-time dispute

If some of those who have commented would consider the patterns HCBS has shown in past years, they might see the current situation differently. Every year, until the end of the first semester, he is looking at and evaluating players. BG got a lot more time after December last year. There are players getting minutes now that will be hard pressed to see anythng other than clean up minutes in January-March. We don't know what HCBS was looking at during the MSU game, and it seems odd to me that so many seem so disatisfied with the best coach KU has ever had (statistically). It's not like fans should never quesion what coach does, but to suggest he doesn't really know what he's doing seems a bit out in left field. It also seems excessive to suggest that HCBS can't recruit or that game has passed him by. Given the time of his tenure, how many coaches have done better? Not many have. Self continues to be a top recruiter. It's not his fault the NCAA is keeping his top recruit off the floor while they examine his sixth grade transcripts. Other than Slick Cal, and possibly coach K, who has more national championships in the time HCBS has been at KU. Maybe if you're 20, your attitude is more like, "what have you done for us this month." For the rest of us who have a bit longer perspective (I enrolled at KU in 1967), let's git a grip before being so critical.

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Marcquis Roberts leads KU defense in near upset

I think Ryan Willis deserved some mention for playing with injury. He also made a long first-down run on his bad wheels to keep a drive alive.

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KU seeks experience, opening win

I don't think you can predict the whole season from this game. Obviously, this may be our best chance for a win, but this team could continue to improve. Three wins may be possible, but I would be really surprised if we go winless.

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Column: He’s the right hire for ISU

My kid went to ISU, and I went to KU. I worked for a year in Ames. ISU is my second favorite BIG12 team. I would think that ISU would want to think long term. Consistency in coaching is an important key in long-term success. I can't see why they would be interested in Larry Brown, a coach I truly respect. ISU is at a level in their program where they could attract a young and dynamic coach. They should not waste this opportunity.

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Hilton typically a rugged venue

It seems the last two years we have had a guard step up to slay the Hilton dragon. Will it be Frank this year?

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More on KU football strength coach Je'Ney Jackson and where KU's coaching staff stands

It seems like most of the bowl games are over now, and any staff we are interested in should be free to take new jobs. As Dirk suggets, time is moving and we need these people in place for recruiting.

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Chenowith one of Jayhawks’ biggest fans

It is really amazing how many "can't miss" prospects never quite live up to their expectations, for whatever reason. I think it says more about how we rate people as prospects than the individuals themselves. Many KU stars from the past were never quite what we wanted them to be. Chhenowith is who he is and he had an eight year pro career and has found a job he loves. How is he not a success? More importantly, just like me, he loves KU. You go Eric! RCJHGKU

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Perine adds his name to list of greats at KU's expense

This was a bad game but hardly the worst ever. The record was a product of KU's play and the conditions. Had it been a fast track, OU would have passed more and Perine probably is in the high 200's for yardage. We just need to move on from here. Remember, three weeks ago, we lost to Baylor 60-14. I think that was worse than 44-7. We moved on to play better against both ISU and TCU. Lets get ready for K-State.

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