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Affidavit: KU football player Pooka Williams allegedly punched a woman in the stomach in domestic battery incident

I deal with this kind of situation professionally. He was charged with Misdemeanor Assault. It hasn't been stated, but I wonder if alcohol was involved? That would be consistent with these type of offenses. He should be treated the same as every other indivudal so charged. The most likely legal outcome, depending on if he has any other arrest history, is some kind of diversion program. It is likely to include fines,community service, and treatment. If he meets the conditions of his diversion program, I believe he should continue with his football career. That is not to minimize the seriousness of offense. He is still a kid. He must learn from his mistakes, or he will wind up like Hunt. The football question should be based on his response to his situation.

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No. 2 Jayhawks erase early deficit to push past Golden Eagles

You have to remember, we have a lot of young players. There are likey to be more of these games where they have portions of the game where they aren't clicking. They are still learning the college game.

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'Not an ideal situation': Jayhawks vague on offensive changes after Meacham's firing

What makes you think we can hold them to 50?

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Tom Keegan: David Beaty still firing away

You have to remember that when Beatty was hired, KU was paying millions to previously fired bad coaching choices. Beatty was our last AD's bargain basement hire because he could afford to pay an experienced coach.

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Kansas-Penn not your run-of-the-mill 1-16 NCAA Tournament matchup

Penn's claim to defame is that they are good at defending the three. KU is not just a three-point team. They will drive and dish and Penn will not be able to stop them.

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Missed Chances: Longhorns capitalize on KU's mistakes; Jayhawks fall at Texas

Something to remember about Beatty is that he was a discount store coach.KU was paying Charlie 6 million and had a big buy for his predecessor as well. Zenger didn't want to lay out the big bucks for aanother coach. He got Beatty at a price no one else would take.

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Tom Keegan: Suprises aplenty despite lack of upsets in NCAA tournament

What? Upsets? How about the overall one seed Villanova? ESPN's little darling Duke is gone. Only one region held 1-4.While there may not have been a lot of upsets, there were some big and interesting ones.

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Notebook: Jayhawks feel Josh Jackson's absence; Svi breaks out of slump

The answer is not for Svi to move on, it is to spend the whole off season working on his defense. He spent last summer working on his offense and being able to drive to the basket. He did well on improving those parts of his game. Now, if he wants to be a pro, he needs to spend the whole summer working on his close outs and on ball defense.

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Transcript: Read the latest Gameday Chat with Matt Tait, who previewed KU's home clash with TCU

I disagree. I would take the 13 conference championships. That is a record that will likely last for a really long time. It gets us compred to the UCLA teams of the 60's. Another national championship can happen any year, but 13 in a row is the horse we are riding. Fortuneately, it is not a dichotomous choice. We can still have both.

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Notebook: Bill Self expects more from Landen Lucas

Does anyone remember last year when Devonte Graham had a slow start and there were people on this board who were yelling for him to be benched? I think Lucas will be jus fine.

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