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KU's Turner Gill all fired up for Border War rivalry debut at Arrowhead Stadium

“I’ve been a Mizzou fan my whole life,” he continued. “From day one. Every time I see a (KU) shirt I just want to burn it.”

So what did he REALLY say (in place of KU as it is in parentheses)? Obviously something that couldn't be printed. And what was not stated in this article (but was in the KC Star's article):

"Moe ... said he went to a Columbia mall and took a picture of a Kansas
T-shirt and posted it on his Twitter account.
Along with the picture, Moe asked “Why would you even sell this stuff in Columbia?” Moe said “expensive toilet paper” was one response he received."

Because there are smart people that live in Columbia too ... and we're all Jayhawk fans! And I hope I run into you sometime Moe, because I'll be wearing my KU clothes from now until forever. I'd love to hear what you have to say about it.

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KU's Turner Gill all fired up for Border War rivalry debut at Arrowhead Stadium

Here here. That would make a win all the much sweeter ... but a loss all the much harder. Not to mention that if NU loses Friday, MU will probably get up for the War even more, but so would KU with the chance to knock them out. As if either side needs any more reason to get up for this game.

This could get interesting.

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KU's Turner Gill all fired up for Border War rivalry debut at Arrowhead Stadium

You know that they spell it Mizzouri right? At least they know how to sound out words when writing them down.

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President Obama’s bracket champ: Kansas

He can pick a bracket. I don't care. The problem is that some people think it's news. Just another excuse to talk about Obama pretty much. Is it news that you or I picked a bracket? Is it news that Brett Favre picks a bracket (he probably hasn't finished yet though with all the flip flopping)? It isn't news. What would be news is if they busted an illegal office pool in the White House. Until then, Obama, pick KU like any smart person would but stay out of the news with it.

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KU secures 2008 NCAA crown, 75-68 in overtime over Memphis

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I love it!!!!!! Rock Chalk 4ever!!!! Thank you guys for your hard work! Thank you Coach!! You guys are awesome and you have brought the national championship back where it belongs!!!!

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See you Monday: KU to face Memphis in national championship

Keep at it boys!!! Let's get em!!! Rock Chalk Jayhawks!!!

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Lost wager turns KU fan into Goldilocks

Get well soon John! I wish you and your family all the best!

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Commentary: Rush, Afflalo should cash in soon

More of APD's BS. If you love Roy so much, move to North Carolina and live with them. Oh, and anyone who hasn't checked out other articles and APD's responses. He cuts and pastes! He writes one comment, posts it to every article, and fills it with his "Blah Blah Blah, Roy is great. Blah Blah Blah, Fire Bill. Blah Blah Blah, we suck."

Two things to tell you APD --

1. ROY LEFT KANSAS!!!! Did KU fire him, push him out the door, etc.? NO! HE LEFT!!! Why do you think people don't like him? He looked us all in the face and said he wasn't going anywhere. When the KU basketball end of year banquet rolls around, he had to request permission to attend!!! Don't forget that and try to blame Bill Self for Roy Williams not being here. It was his own decision, and for him, maybe it was the right one, but not for KU. However, faced with that situation what did KU do? They hired a hell of a coach in Bill Self!! An excellent recruiter and a great coach. When UNC won that championship two years ago, who were they playing? Bill Self's players from the University of Illinois!!!! If Bill had stayed, he would have been coaching that team and BEATING Roy. But he chose to be here and we should be happy that he is happy to be a JAYHAWK cuz I am proud as hell to have him!

2. I don't care how you feel about the Jayhawks. Whether you think they are mediocre, terrible, disgusting, etc. I don't care. Win or lose, they are my team!!!! That's just how it is. I live by the Jayhawks and I die by the Jayhawks but I'm always there, always cheering, always hoping, and above all ALWAYS BELIEVING!!! So don't call it realism when you bash the team. Call it like it is. You don't really like the Jayhawks you just have always been around them or something. Fans are supposed to cheer, hope, cry, shout, and believe in their team. If you don't believe in KU's talent or ability, maybe you should call ESPN cuz I hear they have a job open for any and all KU hating, ACC loving, Big 12 bashing, Florida bandwagoners like you. And that's all.

D Scooze ... OUT!

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Jayhawks return to Lawrence early Sunday morning

APDJayhawk ... what's with all the negativity? It seems like you are just resigning yourself to losing! What's the point of that? Do you ever hope to win again or do you think we should just settle for the championships we already have and call it quits? Hey, those banners are beautiful ok! But wouldn't it be great to hang up some more in the future years? We have some great guys and they are going to do it before it's all said and done. Come on man! Believe in our guys and back them up. Man, I live by the Jayhawks and I die by the Jayhawks. I feel beat up and dead right now but come mid-October, ain't nobody gonna be as alive as me! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK 4 LIFE!!!!

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