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Jayhawks land two recruits, lose one

It's not huge when we didn't have any talent at d-line coming back...other than Operum. We also lost some line guys when HCCW made his cuts. On top of many...if any...of these incoming Juco d-linemen are any good ? Trust me...we still need some additional D-linemen to commit.

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Jayhawks land two recruits, lose one

Our defensive line is not shored by any stretch. We need all the help on the line that we can get. Picking up a line-backer while losing Reed doesn't soften the blow. Hopefully Reed decides to commit to KU come Tuesday.

Regarding Dorial Beckam...I have ties into Hillcrest High School. From what I'm hearing...he's keeping his decision locked in until signing day. Most folks around Springfield think he's going to Arkansas...while there is also chatter of him going to Oklahoma. Have heard nothing thus far of any of the KU coaching staff being in town as of late.

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Filling the gaps: Weis seeks jucos, transfers to bolster KU's roster

Still need more talent on the D-line if we're gonna win. That's the most important position group in college football.

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Filling the gaps: Weis seeks jucos, transfers to bolster KU's roster

Let's lock up them D-linemen...and hopefully get this 6 ft 8 cat from east LA.

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Numbers don’t lie: Kansas is good

Number one in the convergence in confining the oppositions field goal percentage to .364...and number one in the conference with a +6.7 rebounding advantage.

We play dam good defense...and we rebound like pissed off wild animals. That's Bill Self basketball at its best...and that's why we win.

Keegan - you're right...we are good. It's time people stop saying that this is a down year.

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Travis Releford excels at ‘little things’

Great article...Relaford is one of my favorite Jayhawks. He is kind of the X factor in my opinion. He creates chemistry and like Keegan said...does the little things that allows his team to succeed.

This year's Jayhawks is one of my favorite all time teams. No one has given them respect as far as being a national championship contender...and I think that helps them to play harder...more focused...and without fear of choking.

Our bench depth is weak this year...but our starting five is great.

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Coach Charlie Weis a Jersey straight talker

Does anyone know if we have anymore D-Linemen possibly coming in next season ? I know we picked up a couple...but the situation on the line has not been resolved. I love the athletes were getting on offense...but Campo alone won't turn the defense around. We need some 4 star talent on the line.

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Hair and there, Withey changes game for KU

Withey - the unsung hero. Why ?

1: his defensive presence and shot blocking in the post takes pressure off of T-Rob...which allows T-Rob to stay out of foul trouble...huge !!!

2: leading shot blocker in the Big 12...creates havoc upon opposing teams trying to score in the paint.

3: his length allows him to rebound a ton...especially when T-Rob is getting doubled up on block outs.

4: has very little ego...and is happy being a team player and creating chemistry with T-Rob in the post.

Withey - I hope you put on another 25 lbs of muscle for your senior year.

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KU coach Bill Self (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

Hilarious when Coach Self was talking about "mounting" Tyshawn.

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3 more junior college football prospects commit to Kansas

Still need some 4 star DT and DE recruits. Lets stack the D-line this year for once.

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