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Big 12 releases football schedules for 2012; KU home for 4 and away for 5

Texashawk - do you really think that bringing in the 4 juco D-linemen really fixed our line ? Are you serious ?

We had the WORST D-line in the entire country last year. And you think that the D-line is fixed because we brought in 4 juco guys ?

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Big 12 releases football schedules for 2012; KU home for 4 and away for 5

4 - 8 is my prediction.

Our D-line didn't get fixed...and we didn't hire a different D-line coach. I would keep expectations in check this first season.

It's progress though.

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Confident Jeff Withey dominates Oklahoma State

Great game Hawks. Way to put them away early.

I'm with a couple of the previous posters on some items.

1: Teahan is a liability. Play Young on the wing instead of Teahan.

2: The OK State game in Stillwater scares the crap out of me. Hopefully we don't screw that one up like we have in the past.

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Defense polarizes programs

Ralster - your feelings toward Baylor are similar to how I feel about Mizzcrap.

KU basketball team - don't celebrate this victory. Move on, stay focused, and let that Missouri game feed your drive for the rest of the season.

Let's win this conference outright...and send Missouri packing for the SEC in style.

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Jeff Withey shows he can be go-to scorer against Baylor

When it comes to Barnes and seems like Self out coaches those two.

Baylor has some serious talent...but they look terrible at times.

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Big battle, part 2: Baylor, Kansas frontcourts prep for rematch, revenge

Rosentag - get real. This team HAS the talent to beat anyone in the country.

We don't have very good depth...I'll give you that. But our starting five is extremely talented. The problem is...Relaford and EJ have failed to break out of the bench playing shell. Those two dudes are wicked athletic and can ball...but for some reason it hasn't come to fruition on the court.

This team is fully capable of running the table from here on out if they would get their mind set right on being 100% focused.

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Big battle, part 2: Baylor, Kansas frontcourts prep for rematch, revenge

KU Basketball team: Remember that feeling of losing in Columbia the other night. Don't let go of that until we destroy the rest of our Big 12 schedule.

Stay pissed, focused, determined, and have the mind set of no mercy. No high fives, no body jumps with your teammates, no celebrating after a dunk...just focus on performing the task at hand with passion !

We have a mission to complete and thats to win the Big 12 out right. If Mizcrap wins the conference or shares's going to suck.

They need kicked out of this conference with no Big 12 championships in any major sports.

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Despite loss, Jayhawks move up (!) in poll

Guess I agree with Vitale. T-Rob's charge was not a charge. Taylor's could of gone either way...but it was probably a charge.

Whats weird about Athletic Director that he's not even watching the end of the game. How can you not be watching the end of a KU - MU game...only to be standing in the tunnel waiting to shake the officials hands ? Especially when the game is on the line like that. I don't know what to think.

Doubt that there will be an NCAA violation though.

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Despite loss, Jayhawks move up (!) in poll

That Missouri loss was one of the hardest KU losses I've ever dealt with. It just really pisses me off. Blood is still boiling...and I think Self's is too.

I'm sick of talking about how good this team is. Like the fact that Self is sticking up for T-Rob and Taylor...but lets quit talking about how good we are.

How about getting a little bit pissed off...get focused...get some freaking blood in your eye...and go out and dominate this conference from here on out. No mercy on Baylor...and no mercy on Mizcrap when they come to Lawrence. Beat them by more than 20...and do it again in the conference tournament.

It's time for Relaford and EJ to STEP UP ! No high happy emotion from here on out...just freaking go out and dominate.

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Miserable ending: MU’s 11-0 end run dooms Jayhawks

EJlumus - I f'n hate Missouri as much or worse than you. That piece of $h&t institution can get the hell of this conference for all I care.

I heard that they brought SEC officials in to officiate the game. The charge calls are a bunch of freaking horse crap...and was completely a game changer.

If this is true that SEC officials were there...if I was Coach Self or any of the KU administration...I would never compete against Missouri atheletics again in any sport.

If they are gonna pull this horsecrap...then they shouldn't get to play us.

Absolutely disgusts me

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