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C.J. Henry expected back at KU

In a nutshell, several things come to mind:

1. Maturity - we lack it from all the other possible PG candidates. I don't see any leaders stepping up. My term for a leader is one that can elevate the play of the rest of the team, not just feel comfortable shooting the last shot.
2. Ball handling in the paint - no fear what-so-ever
3. Equally at ease going to his left or right on the first step and at the hoop
4. Cross over move that I watched in HS that he only showed once this year in his limited minutes.
5. He has mastered the floater, doesn't need to rely on the refs to give him FTs for challenging the bigs all the time.
6. Did I mention speed with the ball, and passing speed. The bigs better be ready for the incoming missles.
7. A cleaner version of his brother's shooting stroke. Carl didn't teach Xavier the stroke, he was emulating big brother. CJ will still have a great bunch of 3 ballers on the team so he can be comfortable with the assist, or step up and knock down a quick 3.

Of course this all depends on him staying healthy and being hungry for the opportunity. Now that he isn't stealing Xavier's limelight, we might see the CJ that I am familiar with.

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An emotional exit: Teary-eyed Xavier Henry declares for 2010 NBA Draft

One more thing: Xavier has the best smile since Magic Johnson. It is easy to see who enjoys their game of choice by the smile on their face when surrounded by their team in the heat of battle.

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An emotional exit: Teary-eyed Xavier Henry declares for 2010 NBA Draft

Okiedave - right on the mark. Highest frosh point average since DM and didn't play the same number of minutes. Took a lot of offensive rebounds and guarded bigger SF players all season.

A pleasure to watch in HS, a pleasure to watch his game and overall defense improve under HCBS, and he will be a pleasure to watch for many years to come in the NBA.

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C.J. Henry expected back at KU

I thing HCBS handled the situation the way a good coach should. He protects and disciplines his team as any good and caring coach should, without exposing any rumormill fodder. EJ may have done something that required some attention, and now it is over. CS believes everyone on his team should expend effort to pass classes, and in the past, has not allowed players much prime time unless they were keeping the grades up.

Next season should be great. If CJ gets to play point, we haven't lost the maturity needed to lead this great group of athletes. With anyone else at point, we may lack good halfcourt offense.

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Comparing Sherron Collins to other NCAA basketball winners

I am glad SC played at KU! He fit the role that HCBS wanted at point. Wins are hard to gage by a single player in a team sport, especially in a Naismith offense. Best player stats are not kept, which are: judgement calls in the heat of competition, elevating the team and all your team mates, growing your underclassmen through leadership and friendship, and how you represent your school and community.

By these criterion, I believe SC should have a number in the rafters. He obviously mothered the younger players that wanted to listen, made others look good a considerable amount of the time, and aside from a few immature decisions, made a favorable impression on the school and community. I am happy he elevated his life from the Chicago starting point.

Where SC showed weakness is by trying too hard to be "the chosen one" in the heat of battle. A few more slick bounce passes to waiting team mate hands, few more floaters in the lane instead of uncontrolled launches to the glass hoping for a call, a few more moves to his left before penetrating, and who knows, he might be at the top of the all time contributions to team wins by a single player.

I wish him good luck at the next level and in his personal life. It will be good to see him in the stands in KC next year cheering on his younger siblings at KU.

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Chess and Basketball

justanotherfan - I like your breakdown of collegeball. I was yelling at my TV to do the same thing. It was sad that the big 12 didn't have 3 of the final 4 spots. HCBS and Baylor's coach did not exploit the obvious mis-matches enough. KSU did a better job, but the bearded one could not hit a shot (looked scared).

SC did not see the mismatches either, and I think that is a gap in his game. XH and MM were available the entire 2nd half to do the KU runaway dance one more time, and they didn't see the ball on the mismatch events. Any good highschooler could have guarded Farok on most of his looks. If it wasn't for his bigs getting away with hooking and moving screens, an average highschooler his size could have shut him down - what was his average the next game?

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Aldrich: Collison or Big O?

I have to agree with all that think Nick was better on offense coming out to the big show. I say show because it does somewhat resemble the Globetrotters most of the time. Hey, even gladiators of the old Roman era put on a good show!

As for Cole, his footwork is excellent. If he looks at game tape of Nick taking charges, his D will be complete. For O, he has a great turn around from either side, he just didn't see reason to use it much. My opinion is that HCBS had a game plan that didn't include Cole having to take control - this was the year of SC to improve his NBA stock.

Cole is faster end to end than anyone mentioned except Camby, and that is only when Camby is 100% healthy. I agree on the unusual FT technique. However, I would have Rick Berry instructing anyone on my roster who shot below 70% at the line -- I prefer results over style everytime.

If Cole goes to a team that plays the triangle offense similar to the Bulls in the 80's and 90's, he will be a force on offense. He already understands the in/out and pick & roll better than GO or NC, and he sets a mean pick - ask any of the Mizzou or Texas players.

I would like to see him go play with at the Clippers or Nuggets where they have the offensive bigs to compliment his strengths.

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What’s the rush? What makes Henry NBA-ready if Rush wasn’t?

I have to LOL at all the "experts" here. Who determined that each and any of you (me included) were qualified for our first real job? Quick answer: The people ready to take a chance on our few proven attributes, with the potential that we could make them more money than we cost them!

A college "student athelete" allows us to live vicariously through their on-court contributions to a great sport, so lets allow them to be kids and not judge them as we would a race horse.

Also, it is laughable to think that $4m is not a huge amount of $$$ to make before you turn 22 -- most of the bloggers participating here will not see $2m in 45 years of their work life.

I tend to agee with what Carl and family probably conveyed to Xavier: I would tell my offspring to take the money and go earn it to your best abilities, go to school in the off season so you know how to handle your own nest egg and after NBA future, and keep your head high.

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History repeats itself in KU's loss to Northern Iowa

Sparko & Ralster -- I agree with you about the Refs and poor choices on who would shoot the 3 balls. I have played BB for several decades on a variety of teams, have coached, and even ref'd. The NIU fouls committed in order to get offensive rebounds, and the moving screens by the 2 bigs were ridiculous - I had to quit watching. Conversely, Michigan State received the benefit of all the calls in the last half of their game.

I couldn't understand why SC and TT were taking 3's when they had 2 others on the floor that were hitting 50% of their shots. XH and MM had the hot hand and they had to exist on rebounds and steals to get points. Is there a good reason why the guards forgot that their primary goal is to win the game with team playing? SC could have easily driven in and used the floater to improve his game, only the most used shot by point guards.

Looking forward to next season!

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What’s the rush? What makes Henry NBA-ready if Rush wasn’t?

Best blog of yours I have read. A few points on your opinions:

1. Xavier is a good student and the time he started struggling was when he was starting a new semester of hard classes and needed extra tutor time. His head was not on the game as much as it should have been, resulting in more "hitch and push" on release.
2. I think BS put Xavier at the 3 spot in order to fufill the minutes of play time he offered with the scholarship. He will be a 2 guard in the NBA and would have had higher numbers in all stats than Wall if playing there.
3. I totally agree that the NBA players tend to eat their own. The Xavier that I know will have to bring out the inner strength if he lands on some of the teams. For example, look at how Wade has emasculated Beasley on the Heat. Wade's ego will not allow another star on the team. Beasley could drive the lane like a 2 guard and now he barely gets to handle the ball without Wade's permission -- too bad because the Heat will never do well as long as this occurs.
4. There are several NBA stars that are one hand dominant. What we do know is that it is better to be LH dominant. Ginobili has made quite a career of only playing left.

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