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Who is KU's bigger rival in men's basketball?

As long as Frank Martin is coaching the 'Cats, they will probably be the more heated basketball rivalry. MU infuriates me so much in football I honestly couldn't see how anyone could try to say the Border War isn't a bigger rivalry, with usually much more on the line each time we play.

In-state rivalries and border showdowns are completely different to me, though if I had to pick between the two, definitely going with the KU-MU showdown and like hall said, in anything at all.

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FINAL: Northern Iowa shocks Kansas, 69-67

Can everybody just have the game of their lives against someone else please?

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What do you think of KU's draw in the NCAA Tournament?

Digger says OSU is winning it all though!

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What do you think of KU's draw in the NCAA Tournament?

It would only be extremely hard if you count us in the difficulty rating. I'd go moderately just looking at our competition, every game is going to be a must watch in this region!

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Assuming Duke is the fourth No. 1 seed, which team do you not want to see as a No. 2 seed in KU's bracket?

Anytime you already have beaten someone three times.... and I don't think Purdue will be an option.

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FINAL: Tyshawn Taylor shines in return to starting lineup; KU rolls, 94-74, over CU

Srsly I'm pissed what the hell is this, my grandmother is too old to be watching this crap.

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KU remains at No. 1; Texas A&M earns ranking in both polls

Oh, that reminds me, I'd take KSU over Duke any day as well, except in Cameron, especially in Bramlage.

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KU remains at No. 1; Texas A&M earns ranking in both polls

@leikness- Really still not getting the whole Gtown=10 thing, either. Super overrated team on a highly overrated conference that has four good teams, out of its sixteen? Lets add four more DePauls, Seton Halls, Rutgers, and Providences to the Big 12 and see how it bolsters NU, ISU, and CU's records. After Pitt in the Too Big East, its a joke, including GU, I'll take our four best over theirs in any tourney.

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Which player were you most encouraged by in KU's 73-59 victory over Iowa State?

If you want good production out of him TT in the future he has to be ready to take the shot as well as pass, 8 FGA was his highest in a winning effort in two months. It seems like he gets turnovers when he tries to drive and is always looking to pass and just gets to deep and out of control, Sherron just gets the killer instinct when the pass isn't there and passes it to the net.

Watch the Bill Self show, especially clips of the second half, and listen to what he has to say about Tyshawn. His to's are still getting him bench time, but he had 0 assist @ UT, and 4 against ISU along with a lot of first-pass assist (setting up for an assist). Someone will teach him how to make smarter choices on that Kansas bench.

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