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Point guard Dajuan Harris commits to Kansas

Great Recruiting Job Coach Self! I really like this team(s).. Scrimmages are going to be against great opponents/teammates. This gives us Devon's replacement for 2020-21 while competing with McBride for minutes now. More locally grown kids here for at least a couple of years and fewer one and dones and transfers here for 7-9 months just rebuilt the program for the next run. We could even see Roy Like Substitutions if a message needs sending after a slow start. Should be an interesting road to the Final Four or at least darn close to it.

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Devon Dotson's decision to stay marks return of one of Bill Self's true workhorse point guards

Hats off to Devon, but part of the reason he played so much in 2018-19 was that Grimes was a bust instead of sharing minutes with the ball as originally intended. With Devon back, Grimes gone, our stable of bigs that he didnt have last year, and plenty of good guards, the sky is the limit for the Hawks this year.

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Former Kansas guard Quentin Grimes headed to Houston, reportedly seeking immediate eligibility

He believed his press and recruiting rank instead of believing what Coach told him, to be an assassin without the ball in his hands all the time and his D was weak, especially early in the season. Remember, he gave Q a full shot at the point during the summer league USA team so it wasnt like Dotson was given the point without competing for it. The Combine came up with the same conclusion, Devon was the better PG due to his speed, much better handle on the ball, and he listened to what Coach wanted him to do.

With Q's size, he needs to improve his shooting and be more drive first when the pass comes his way. He wasnt an attacker, not aggressive enough, which is common for Freshman (McLemore, Oubre, Selby and Brandon all lacked it as Freshmen too) but also tells you that he needs to play another year either in college or G League to develop. He will be more comfortable at Houston, not as much pressure, more opportunity to shoot, playing against a notch lower competition, where his physical attributes will cover his shortcomings on D.

I wish him the best but dont really wish he was still on our team as I think Ochai or Jalen will be more productive . He wasnt run off given that Coach still has an open scholarship. Maybe he has girlfriend or family health issues that make him want to stay closer to home? Something was distracting him last year.

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KU sophomore Ochai Agbaji emphasizing personal development, team leadership this offseason

What a great kid, his attitude is off the charts and his self analysis is spot on too. Kudos to his parents! He faded late last year due to fatigue, very common for Freshmen acclimating to a longer season against much better competition. If his season would have ended before tournament play, his numbers would have been much better, getting stronger and developing the stamina of a man instead of a kid will pay huge dividends for Ochai. Being a local kid with an understanding of what it means to play for Kansas and his team first attitude makes him a natural leader!

He is just the opposite of Quentin last year who could never accept the fact that Dotson was the better point guard, mentally and physically, and further illustrated by their attitudes going into and after the NBA combine. Quentin believed his press and couldnt accept the fact that the recruiting experts rankings had him way overrated coming out of high school, that he needed to get better and adapt to the team, not just that Coach wasnt using him the way he wanted. I hope he succeeds on a much less talented team in Houston, where he can ball hog and take as many shots as he wants, but I think we are a better team without him. He has no excuses given that Coach still has a scholarship open, he could have come back with a more realistic attitude instead of leaving disgruntled

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He's Back: Kansas point guard Devon Dotson announces return to KU

Welcome Back Devon!! We love you and are a model of how to explore your options at the combine under the new rules. Demonstrated that you want feedback, are coachable, and dedicated to reaching your ceiling, not just getting by on the high school hype. Thats a lot of maturity for a young man.

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Quentin Grimes withdraws from NBA draft pool, plans to transfer from KU

He was so overconfident about being a OAD, he may have not taken care of the academics either. I think we all agree, getting Dotson back was more important, and going back to playing two bigs, the minutes arent there to guarantee him the starts and PT this year.

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Quentin Grimes withdraws from NBA draft pool, plans to transfer from KU

Agreed, even if he had all the talent in the world, he wasnt teachable due to his own ego and his parents too. He had his chance, got the starts his freshman year even when he didnt deserve them. Its somebody else's turn this year. Ochai is a better fit, a team player who has just as high a ceiling and is more likely to get there because he is coachable.

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Quentin Grimes withdraws from NBA draft pool, plans to transfer from KU

He believed all the high school hype, was never humble enough to "get it", and was so sure he'd be a One and Done he may not have done his Spring academics. Given that Adidas has been to court already, I wouldnt be surprised to see him transfer to a Nike school, as its obvious the NCAA doesnt want to know anything about Duke and Arizona, and can probably still get a "signing bonus" under the table. EGO is his main problem. Ochai gets the chance this year instead of guaranteeing Q the starts.

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Kansas coach Bill Self far from panicked about current recruiting challenges: 'Oh, we're going to get some guys'

And I think back to all the times Franchilla and the other announcers said "nobody from this squad will be leaving early", I guess we will see come draft day, but I dont think we need to be too concerned about losing all of them. All the "testers" give recruits the allusion there are lots of minutes available, while reality could turn out just the opposite. Relax and believe in Bill, he's got this no matter who suits up in a KU jersey next year.

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Kansas coach Bill Self far from panicked about current recruiting challenges: 'Oh, we're going to get some guys'

If I were a recruit, deciding between KU and Duke, I wouldnt forget that the Nike-Zion-Duke trial is coming up next, Zion's "Asks" were already revealed in the Adidas trial and are currently being further publicized by Avenetti's involvement. At least the Adidas trial is over and the big payoff was to a guy we initiated the investigation about and therefore never played a game, DeSouza's totally unjust penalty has already been handed down, and at the conclusion of the FBI/Adidas trial, they still said the schools were defrauded, thus not part of a conspiracy. Those are all still question marks for Duke with the primary protection being, they'd never to that to their darling Coach K/Duke.

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