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Les Miles: Game clock didn't start on time late in KU loss at Texas

Maybe a good omen, I remember getting homered at Texas in Mangino's first year. Rarely does Texas find itself in that position, but when it does, Texas can always count on the 12th man at Home.

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Freshman PG Issac McBride leaves KU basketball

His perspective is different regarding how he stacks up against this level of talent and has already seen that Bill isnt going to stop recruiting top point guards, leaving him in the same spot as this year. Could also be due to leak of NCAA Charges, afterall, the Star knew it early.

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Notice of allegations news could impact KU recruiting long before results on the court

Look at this years recruits, while they are all talented and I am proud to have them as Jayhawks, not any real Top 10 one and dones, more local kids expected to play multiple years. Trust me the top recruits have already been hearing the rumor out of a lot of competing coaches on in home visits.

The NCAA obviously has it out for KU, the pattern of investigation and losing big men like Diallo prior to all of this, dragging their feet on Preston till he just went away, trying to make Sylvio just go away with a two year suspension, and now these charges based on the FBI's case that the programs were defrauded, testimony included that nobody was aware of payments being made, except by maybe other programs in Ayton and Zion's cases.

They are trying to be holier than thou by trying to crucify KU and Bill Self. Even if we successfully defend the charges, avoid probation and punishment, it will affect our recruiting for years while the process plays out, handicapping the Top 50 recruiting field back to tobacco road and KY. Where are the charges against AZ, OSU, Louisville and the others? What about the Nike teams, apparently all the shoe companies were doing it and the terms for Zion were already well defined in the Adidas trial as were those for Ayton.

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Freshman PG Issac McBride leaves KU basketball

Or....pure speculation here...maybe they had the redshirt talk and this was the result? Afterall, Devon came back, will play 30+ MPG at the Point, and they have a ton of 2s and 3s, not to mention 4s and 5s, this year and more PGs on the recruiting radar. If not a redshirt issue, just the age old story of incoming Freshman who coming out of High School thought he's good enough to start is concerned with MPG now that he's seen the competition. Hope he goes to a little smaller school and gets a 4 year starting role.

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Jayhawks excited to add grad transfer Isaiah Moss' veteran presence to roster

I dont think so, and now that we have restocked with local kids versus one and dones, we should be OK, no game or championship forfeits, maybe a scholarship loss as a slap on the wrist compared to the programs where coaches have been fired, caught on wiretaps, etc.

The Adidas trial is over, grand jury ruled they wont release evidence to NCAA, so they got what they got and what they have is on a player who never played a game, who was proactively held out as soon as we smelled something improper with the car, and 2500 to Silvio's guardian, not his real parent, that was supposedly to pay "for online academic work" no less. His time has already been done but I could see a scholly loss as the program's token punishment when the dust settles. Have to remember, the government's position that the school's were defrauded, not complicit, really makes a big difference when they havent charged anyone at a particular university, they actually have to protect any testimony referencing those who arent charged.

Now the Nike trial is a different story, but it involves media darlings, so we will see if it gets the same kind of coverage or if it somehow fades away.

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Jayhawks excited to add grad transfer Isaiah Moss' veteran presence to roster

I see Moss as this year's kharmic payback to last year's weird departure of Lagerald Vick, same role, but sounds like a much more mature head game and work ethic which is an upgrade. If he has an average year, he replaces Vick, if he struggles he's last years Q, if he excels he's what we expected Q would be and at least as good as Q would be as a sophomore.

All of our struggles last year, Doke injured, Sylvio ineligible, Vicks departure, all being kharmically paid back in spades for this season with incredible depth and talent. Just think, Devon never really had bigs to pass to or control the lane last year, he's gonna be a lottery pick! Would love to see the 2020 Championship Banner hanging at AFH! ROCK CHALK!

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Agbaji, Azubuike impress at Nike Skills Academy in California

Doke hasn't blocked that many shots because he has usually been playing in foul trouble with very little depth behind him. This year is a little different, our bigs being deep means they can all play at 110% every second they are in the game, no need to save energy or fouls for later minutes. I'm excited! If the injury bug stays away this year, the sky is the limit for this group.

If Doke has dedicated the effort and time into improving his free throw shooting, his scoring average goes up 3-5 pts per game from that alone and more importantly allows him to be playing in the final minutes of close games.

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Personal, team goals motivating Kansas PG Devon Dotson ahead of sophomore season

While the points will probably go up without Dedric, he will have so many options to make plays this year, the stable of bigs we didnt have last year will keep defenders honest, so all he has to do is beat his man, draw secondary help, then dish for a slam, score himself with either a layup or from the foul line. Last year with no Doke, no Silvio and then no Vick, everybody knew it was going to Dedric and bless his heart, he gave it his all, and it worked pretty well till crunch time. This year, Dotson should get at least 3 lobs a game, upping the assist numbers, and then resulting in wide open looks from outside instead of taking last second shots. I'm excited for this young man and it all starts with the level head on his shoulders! Kudos to his parents.

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Point guard Dajuan Harris commits to Kansas

Heck of an idea, given that he's much better off with Hudy working her magic and scrimmaging in our system against better athletes, than going to prep school. Especially when you've got Dotson to lead the team and learn from this year. Welcome Aboard, I love a kid who commits without hesitation, especially when he's from Columbia, MO

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Point guard Dajuan Harris commits to Kansas

PS Also nice way to flip Mizzou the bird too, a Jayhawk of course, given the kid's from Columbia

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