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Azubuike's complete game at Texas earns top spot in ratings

How did Doke's weight loss contribute to his progress? From what I see on the floor this year, he's jumping higher, moving faster and his stamina has improved, leading directly to having the energy to play D, block shots, and run the floor, and on top of all that, he's getting one to two fewer fouls per game for just being big. For a seven footer, his footwork has always impressed me, and he is exploiting it more by not being so wide when making moves like he did on Simms. last year, that would have been a charge or walk. He's come a long way from just being a Dunker and his FT's are improving!.

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Kansas basketball games on Big 12 Now/ESPN+ a new source of frustration for some KU fans

The deal sucks all the way around. College athletics is about its fanbase and anything that keeps games away from the fanbase is stupid and counterproductive. Given that we used to have every game on tv with Spectrum and now we dont its a bad move, a blatant attempt to extort the fanbase for a little more money, and then they havent delivered a quality product for those who paid the ransom.

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'Planet' Azubuike powers Kansas past East Tennessee State, 75-63

Best planet for Doke is Saturn - a giant surrounded by rings of guards, especially in the 4 guard lineup. Sylvio awoke tonight as well, good to see our bigs have a great game. Keep growing and learning, cant wait to see you guys once jelled.

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Kansas lands commitment from 3-star point guard Latrell Jossell

Welcome to all four but they are all pretty slim, better start getting on the strength and nutrition program now.

I really like their attitudes, feel KU is their dream school and will be program first multiyear contributors. With the exception of Josh and Wigs, one and dones like Selby, Oubre, McLemore and,Grimes who actually played, not to mention those like Diallo and Preston who never did, have been highly overrated versus the production of playing another four star that had already been in the program for at least a year in terms of strength and knowledge of their role in the offense.

Sounds like Latrell could become another Collins type PG who lights you up if you dont engage him at all times, either by shooting or blowing by on a drive, but without the constant struggle with his weight. A guy so pesky, regardless of his size, it affects the way the defense covers your offense, keeping them honest so to speak.

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Notebook: Mitch Lightfoot could still redshirt after coming off bench against Fort Hays State

Dear Mitch:

Please Redshirt. I dont say it lightly after all the times you've come off the bench and settled us down when things were out of control, I really love your D and shot blocking, but I think we will need it more next year than this year because you will get more opportunities/minutes as a 5th year senior.

You also get your grad degree which will probably be more important in your overall life than playing your last year of college basketball this year versus next. Worst case, all the bigs but Doke stay and Coach has a big recruiting haul too, you'll still get more minutes next year or you could even transfer and play immediately even though I know you bleed crimson and blue. Strength and size have always been against you when up against bigger players and another year in the strength program as your body is maturing will help you on the court regardless, especially if you go overseas to keep playing ball.

Last nights game vs Ft Hays already identified that with Doke in the game, Defenses arent guarding the 4 when playing two bigs, so this year we may be playing four guards around him more than initially thought, reinforcing the more oppty next year than this year argument, as Doke is a Senior and there isnt another one like him on the team now or on the radar for next year.

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KU announces multiyear agreement to reignite Border Showdown rivalry with Missouri

Plenty of self inflicted Misery during the interim, not sure if they can stand one more year of it, let alone 6 straight.

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KU announces multiyear agreement to reignite Border Showdown rivalry with Missouri

I could have done without it, but I guess its the price of firing/hiring a new AD, whose daughter is a Tiger. I have enjoyed the de-escalation of the hatred, we have enough of that already from the mainstream media, dont need any further fuel for the fire. Makes sense from a financial standpoint, but being all about the Benjamins is exactly why Mizzou left.

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Les Miles: Game clock didn't start on time late in KU loss at Texas

Maybe a good omen, I remember getting homered at Texas in Mangino's first year. Rarely does Texas find itself in that position, but when it does, Texas can always count on the 12th man at Home.

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Freshman PG Issac McBride leaves KU basketball

His perspective is different regarding how he stacks up against this level of talent and has already seen that Bill isnt going to stop recruiting top point guards, leaving him in the same spot as this year. Could also be due to leak of NCAA Charges, afterall, the Star knew it early.

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Notice of allegations news could impact KU recruiting long before results on the court

Look at this years recruits, while they are all talented and I am proud to have them as Jayhawks, not any real Top 10 one and dones, more local kids expected to play multiple years. Trust me the top recruits have already been hearing the rumor out of a lot of competing coaches on in home visits.

The NCAA obviously has it out for KU, the pattern of investigation and losing big men like Diallo prior to all of this, dragging their feet on Preston till he just went away, trying to make Sylvio just go away with a two year suspension, and now these charges based on the FBI's case that the programs were defrauded, testimony included that nobody was aware of payments being made, except by maybe other programs in Ayton and Zion's cases.

They are trying to be holier than thou by trying to crucify KU and Bill Self. Even if we successfully defend the charges, avoid probation and punishment, it will affect our recruiting for years while the process plays out, handicapping the Top 50 recruiting field back to tobacco road and KY. Where are the charges against AZ, OSU, Louisville and the others? What about the Nike teams, apparently all the shoe companies were doing it and the terms for Zion were already well defined in the Adidas trial as were those for Ayton.

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