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Former KU guard Quentin Grimes excited for fresh start at Houston

Kids transfer all the time for whatever reason. I stopped even concerning myself with they why of it all. He'll get his chance to be the "man" or whatever on Houston. But the sweet 16 is about their ceiling anyway. If he wanted a chance at something greater from a team perspective and self-sacrifice a bit, then he would have stayed at KU. This move will give him a chance to improve his game and be closer to home, probably the two biggest motivating factors for him. Good Luck Kiddo, but we'll be just fine without him.

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Did former Jayhawk Devonte' Graham catch a break or a bad deal with Charlotte on Sunday?

I think one of the biggest reasons the college game is still way more interesting is that their is a big onus on the coaching and the coaches of the game.

In the NBA, players dictate so much of what happens off the court and these unions of all-world players on one squad just creates the wrong kind of parody and power shift. Nothing is more boring than essentially knowing before the playoffs start which teams are going to be there at the end (barring Injury). You knew the warriors were going to be in the Finals. When Durant and Klay went down, you knew that the raptors were probably going to win.

It was refreshing to see a team like the Bucks rise up this season. But now with Davis and Lebron Joining forces and KD and Kyrie joining forces, when KD gets healthy, it's going to be Nets-Lakers in the finals for multiple years. I don't ever remember players in the 80s and 90s campaigning for other players to join their teams.

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4-star wing forward Jalen Wilson signs with Kansas

Redshirt Players:

1) Enaruna/Wilson: Both are closely ranked and play the same position, people talk about enaruna being raw but he was ranked higher than Wilson in the recruiting ranks.

2) Braun -- There is already garrett, agbaji in the 2/3 role. Assuming people stay healthy, he will have the hardest out of everyone getting significant playing time.

Mcbride backs up Dotson, so we know he will play.

and no one on the frontcourt, forget about lightfoot. he's a senior now and will be utilized a great deal as an important role player.

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Iowa grad transfer Isaiah Moss signs with Kansas

This is a great get no matter what. All-around player at SG with good size and good shooting. If he can play defense at all( which since he's a seasoned player, I'm leaning towards yes) he will get plenty ot PT.

Garrett, for as good as he is defensively and attacking the basket, leaves a lot to be desired from the perimeter offensively, so this is an ideal spot for Moss to come off the bench and throw in 10-12 pts a game.

We land WIlson and our outlook for next season really elevates.


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Iowa grad transfer Isaiah Moss signs with Kansas

completely agree. defense will be touted for this team. time to hold teams to 60 ppg.

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He's Back: Kansas point guard Devon Dotson announces return to KU

Starting 5? Not even sure but:

De sousa

Defensively that's a fantastic lineup. Offensively, remains to be seen with Garrett and agbaji most needing to step up and score. Mac and Lightfoot off the bench we know will be solid. Enaruna will probably play the 3, and is more perimeter oriented, then Braun and McBride backing up the guard spots. Interesting..

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Kansas point guard Devon Dotson to make, announce stay-or-go decision Wednesday

I don't disagree with most of these points. But the gray area is with "good enough" from NBA execs. What does that mean. I certainly see the arguments for not staying in school, but if you're a fringe pick, making 879,000 is probably not your ultimate goal. You probably want a 10 year career and to make several millions. Leaving early does not guarantee that. Leaving when you are ready to make an impact fairly soon ( within a year or two so you can play your way to a lucrative deal) versus just signing a two year deal and being shipped off after that, I don't see the great value in that either. But once again, it depends on the vision you have for yourself.

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Jayhawks need a decision season victory from contemplative PG Devon Dotson

From a professional standpoint, if he leaves and gets drafted low or undrafted, he has severely hurt his chances of making and more importantly sustaining on an NBA roster. Great, get drafted now when you could improve your skillset and further your overall longevity. It's a crapshoot but I don't get why players are so in love with being drafted at the back end of the draft when they have other options. Like just getting drafted is NEVER a guarantee for anything. But playing at KU for free and getting education is guaranteed if you come back.

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Kansas point guard Devon Dotson to make, announce stay-or-go decision Wednesday

Honestly what is going on. Since when is being a fringe draft pick a good reason to leave school? What are the agents telling these kids. That's what scares me. Devon could be a lottery pick next year with an all American season and an improved outside shot. Is your family in dire financial straits? It doesn't appear that way to me. I get it, get drafted get money. But if you play for 2 years and then get released what the hell kind of nba career is that exactly? Playing in the g league or overseas is not the ultimate goal and the players don't realize this is their fate unless they improve their game drastically.

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Silvio De Sousa wins appeal, becomes eligible to play at KU during 2019-20 season

This is amazing news. Two more things need to happen and we will return to dominance:

1) RJ Hampton commits to KU
2) Devon Dotson Returns

This is what we have for players if those above things happen:

Front Court: Doke, DeSousa, McCormack, Lightfoot
Flexible: Enaruna, Garrett
Backcourt: Dotson, Hampton, Agbaji, Braun, Mcbride

that is fantastic depth and makes us strong at every position.

Admittedly a lot seemed lost, but Tech and Kstate better be happy they won last year, because we are going to start a new streak!


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