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Baylor getting more credit in league race, but Jayhawks still projected to win Big 12

Far from over, lots of games left. Baylor was losing to OK state by 12 and came back. Then at home vs oklahoma, oklahoma got a steal with 20 seconds left, had a 3 on 1 and could have tied it with the layup but the guard passed it to the wing player who had an open look for 3 to TAKE THE LEAD and missed. Let's revisit this late february and see where everyone is at.


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Self seeking better consistency from KU's bench

This demonstrates to me the ceiling/potential this KU team has. Coach is talking about improving defensively when they gave up 58 points, and 10 of that in garbage time basically.

Last season, we would have prayed to only allow 58 points. The team is still rounding into form. But the sky's the limit honestly if De Sousa and Mac keep improving.

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5-star PF Isaiah Todd picks Michigan

Um.....Do people who post in here know what we have on the roster currently and how good we are going to be this year and going forward for 2020?

Wilson is not a guaranteed OAD by any stretch. We have a step in ready PG in Harris. two good wing players in Enaruna and Wislon, McCormack, Garrett lockdown D senior leader.

and depending on how things fall: Agbaji, Lightfoot, and DeSouza all here for 2020 season.

There will be no mediocrity. We're starting another Big 12 streak and perhaps this year, if people stay healthy, a national championship.

Things are just fine. Can't wait for Self and the University to fight the Big Bad NCAA monster. Someone needs to. Might as well be KU.


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Snoop Dogg says KU shouldn't be surprised by his Allen Fieldhouse show

Neither Snoop Nor Ku should have to apologize. It's musical entertainment that didn't break any laws. It's not against the law to imitate stripper poles in a musical performance.

It's Snoop D-O Double G. Recruits loved it by all accounts. Pop it like it's hot jayhawks.

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KU hires former Kings strength coach to replace Andrea Hudy

Pretty impressive resume for 28 to be quite honest. I wasn't doing that much at 28 lol.

Great hire by the University.

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How a wild ride of recruiting ups and downs shaped the 2019-20 Kansas basketball roster

All perspective. But I can tell you, I have full confidence in Coach Self. Always have, always will. It would take quite a bit more than getting a #4 seed in the tourney and winning 25+ game without Doke, De Sousa and a checked out Vick for me to lose faith

Bill Self is a hall of fame coach and he knows what it takes. Yeah we didn't get every amazing recruit, but we got some pretty good players and a transfer that's ready to step right in and make us lethal from all spots on the court.

The one thing I don't usually like is being preseason #1. For two reasons:

1) Unnecessary pressure
2) Basically no preseason #1 ranked has won the national title( since UNC in 2009)
in quite some time. So being preseason ranked #1 isn't all it's cracked up to be. Let Michigan State have it.


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He Will, He Won't, He Might 2019: Devon Dotson

It will be very interesting to see how many rotation players Self has this season. In the recent past he has been very comfortable with 8 players. He frequently has had 10 good players ready but he weeds out the few who aren't making enough of an impact usually after non-con.

This season it might be a little different as you are going to have 4 bench guys all fighting for minutes and then some hungry freshmen right behind them,

Starting Five (if healthy)

De Sousa



Is he redshirting Mcbride, Braun, Enaruna or Wilson?

That is the biggest question probably before the season starts.

But lots to be excited about and certainly some depth to be sure.

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Longtime KU basketball strength coach Andrea Hudy leaving Kansas

I think it's saddening but also really exciting. Hudy did a good job while here and she is very respected in the professional circle. That being said, we will find a fantastic replacement and with last year being a very transitional year for the men's program, this seems like as good a time as any to bring a different energy to it. Wish her the best but I'm sure KU will be great without her.


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Matt Tait: The optimist's outlook on the 2019 KU football team

Bryce the Big Ten West is perhaps the most wide open division in all of college football. Iowa definitely has a shot. But so do Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska and Northwestern. I literally have no idea who's going to win it. Minnesota has the easiest schedule as they will not play Michigan, Michigan state or ohio state this season. Iowa has to play at Michigan, at Northwestern, at Wisconsin, and at Nebraska. If they win the division, they will definitely have earned it.

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Former KU guard Quentin Grimes excited for fresh start at Houston

Kids transfer all the time for whatever reason. I stopped even concerning myself with they why of it all. He'll get his chance to be the "man" or whatever on Houston. But the sweet 16 is about their ceiling anyway. If he wanted a chance at something greater from a team perspective and self-sacrifice a bit, then he would have stayed at KU. This move will give him a chance to improve his game and be closer to home, probably the two biggest motivating factors for him. Good Luck Kiddo, but we'll be just fine without him.

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