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Weis shakes up starters, gives Cummings nod at quarterback against Texas

A flying horse is a unicorn, right?

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What caught my eye at Day 1 of Fall Practice

Those are practice helmets. Everyone gets a practice helmet and a game helmet. That way, the games ones are kept nice and shiny.

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Ottawa’s Semi Ojeleye to visit Duke on May 31

He mentioned he's interested in a place with high academics, so clearly, he wants to play at Kensucky.

Too easy man, too easy...

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Vote: Who had the best KU Missouri vanity license plate?

What happened to the MIZ-WHO plate? Classical and pure. I am voting for the one that is already owned, though, since that is a true fan.

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Did UF give KU a boost?

This maybe doesn't count, but do folks remember Darrin Hancock? He was a juco player that came from garden city. Still remember him driving the baseline one game and throwing down a reverse jam over somebody. He had to duck his head around the backboard.

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McCay's out, so where does that leave KU's receiving corps?

He's not saying he wants to go the Mizzou to win a NC, he's saying he wants to go to the SEC to win a NC. Pretty clear that the NC runs through the SEC and if Mizzou does alright there then he's got a shot. Not saying they will do anything, but if they get hot one year, the SEC is the place to make it all happen.

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Two KU football players face charges after weekend fight at The Hawk; both players dismissed from team

I think if you are surprised about smoking, then you would be much more surprised about other activities ongoing. These are college kids, you know.

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Final fling: Ex-Jayhawk Scott Russell dons pink, wins again

I honestly don't know the exact history, but we've always worn them. They have always looked like more of a faded red than a pink and they have always popped in a crowd,Iike what Scott says about the Baylor ones. The recent change was obviously to stardardize to the university branding.

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