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OMG! Omigie promising

Thanks for the football stories . . . keep 'em coming!

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It’s time to back the ’Cats

Uh, no.

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No asterisks of infamy for Jayhawks

So, if the NCAA had done it's job, we would have gotten to 2,000 wins before UK. We'll probably get there today and they would be way short.

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KU freshman Henry: Buffs’ Burks deserving of rookie honor

If X played for the Buffs he would average 20+ ppg. But March (April?) wouldn't be nearly as much fun.

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A Sherron Collins retrospective: A timeline of the guard's career, shown through photos

Dang, I think I've got something in my eye...

We'll miss you, Sherron, and your buddy Cole, too. Now go take care of them pesky Cats tonight!

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Self: KU likes to pressure, not press

First time I've seen Tom Kivisto's name in awhile.

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Illness, poor play make Collins feel urge to purge

Vitale actually died a couple of years ago . . . they just can't get his head to stop talking.

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Buffalo’s Gill: Witnesses of UB turnaround have utmost confidence in coach

Great article. Everyone knows that these are tough days for newspapers and I appreciate the LJW spending the money to send reporters to Buffalo to do this story. Good work, and keep it up!

Oh, and Gill sounds like a winner -- can't wait for Sept. 4th!

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What Keegan says

Leftovers, maybe. But there's plenty to eat in Texas . . . they average 300 D1 prospects coming out of high school every year. So we'll keep stepping up to that buffet. In fact, with a native Texan now running our program, we may jump a few spots in line. I think I'm hungry...

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Mitchell, Frederick, Harp will be dearly missed

I've thought about the "grisly Rule of Three," too, but I was thinking Sam Miranda, along with Frederick and Mitchell.

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