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Getting to know Texas Tech

Familiarity, in regards to our extended Big 12 family of student athletes, aborts contempt in our fan base of informed enthusiasts. So much more enriching than time spent of those collectively memorizing two word chants that rhyme with "KU" in Manhattan. Nice work and thank you.

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The Day After the day after: Baylor

Could the NBA statement of humility and the freight train of Texas bigs contributed to a temporary lapse in a developing swagger? These minor psychological challenges will be conquered and are no match for this remarkable young man's patience, ability, intellect, and conviction.

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Kaws' cause: Perry-Lecompton supports ailing teammate

Nice piece. Thank you for sharing interest in the Jayhawk community and best wishes to Zach.

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KU big man Landen Lucas dives into his role, his patience and how good the Jayhawks can be (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

LL is cool. Energy, intelligence, commitment, effort. Inspirational attitude. Contagious pride.

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Selden save worth watching over and over and over...

Similar to the understated assist by Collins which accommodated Chalmers' signature three, Perry Ellis so athletically deflected an impossible pass back into play for Wayne to catalogue for his legacy, validated as an assist to a smooth shooting Joel. Good play Gentlemen!

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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

UK-Knocked out in the NAIA. Looms heavy IMHO.
And rightly so.
Welcome Home Kelly.

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Basketball notebook: McLemore erupts in summer league finale

T Rele is going about the business of helping his team. Someday, everyone will notice they have the key to success in their midst. Good luck Travis!

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Hudy hoorah: Kansas strength coach, visiting Wounded Warrior ‘clicked’

Coach Hudy = The Heartbeat of Excellence
Thank you for representing Kansas with such class!
Great article.

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Painful reminders: A look at Bill Self’s saddest setbacks

How do they say, those ignoring history are destined to repeat it?
Motivation and resolve suffer in complacency. I'm not so sure highlights of these games shouldn't occasionally thunder over the pre-game P.A. at AFH. Especially for some youngsters who believe their fans in thinking they just might even be bulletproof.
Thanks for the therapy session gentlemen, Now we can move on.

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