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Weis singles out stars of KU football camp

As a recent example of 'getting-it-done', I like hearing about the two offensive teams running up-tempo against one defense, not just to get the players accustomed to the pace and avoid the fire-drill confusion in a game, so that the coaches too have practice to implement their new sideline communication system. Weis and his staff have already been so much more enjoyable to follow as a fan compared to the three years before his arrival. I'm optimistic for wins over the next two seasons too.

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What caught my eye at Day 7 of KU football's fall camp

Thanks for the video link! Goodman stepping up and filling that BUCK role would be huge. This tape got me thinking about Weis's comment in the first press conference that Colton Goeas having the potential to help with pass rush. It would be great to Red Shirt a talent like Goeas to develop his body, stay away from an injury playing as a true Freshman, especially with the mention of one of the WLB's cross training at MLB:

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Weis singles out stars of KU football camp

I see the two coaches as displaying a dramatic contrast in their public persona. Snyder is tight lipped, reserved while Weis's New Jersey manners help add color for copy. In the KU press conferences you can hear Weis work at creating informative relationships with the press while Snyder is going to make a TV camera man walk backwards through a crowd if you want a halftime interview. Seems like Weis is more comfortable using the media as a positive tool and will have fun with it, including to use media for player motivation and recruiting, while Snyder seems to play everything close to the vest.

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Weis singles out stars of KU football camp

Seeing a three-deep depth chart has been good in better seeing where the re-building process is at for Weis and company. Overall I'm seeing an 18 month window for this group due to the small number of Seniors penciled in to play significant roles. I definitely can see why the current class being recruited can be geared towards signing many more High School Seniors. I know that this depth chart can change a lot next week, though it still says something about where the coaching staff plan is at and what they think they've got as they enter camp and pursue recruits.

There are 8 Seniors listed on Offense of the 38 players listed with 4 Seniors currently listed on the first team. Slater and Fondal sound like guys with size and talent tot plug into the first team Tackle spots for 2014 and both seem like they will compete this year for playing time behind the two Seniors of Sterling and Spencer. Losing Sims and Cox will be a bummer at H back though Miller, Bourbon and Pierson will all be back plus Wrench is committed. Sounds like Coleman is already pushing Matthews at Z, at least with Coleman's work ethic, conditioning and his speed.

Of the 33 listed on defense, there are only 5 Seniors and only Linton is listed to run first team going into camp. Even the 'Specialists' group will return most everyone for 2014.

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Cliff's notes: Charlie Weis press conference: Aug. 13

Thanks! Found that Ngalu video:

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Cliff's notes: Charlie Weis press conference: Aug. 13

Secondary storylines are Sendish and Short centric. Sendish sounds like a legitimate impact player. The confidence in quality and depth at Corner will upgrade once Short is seen in KU pads.

Isaiah Johnson, part of this Junior College class expecting to trasform the Defense, has been mentioned in both press conferences and each time adding a bit of mystery to where his standing is. Listed as a first team SS is positive. Weis mentioned that he has 'the range' the coaches are looking for to play that position in the Big XII. However, when Weis mentioned that Sendish might be moved away from NB to plug in a hole somewhere else he used Isaiah's SS starting spot as the example where he might go. Today at 6am Johnson passed the conditioning test--which might be the biggest reason why SS came to mind for a Sendish change of position though there might be more to it than that.

Here is a 7:17 YouTube highlight video “Helped lead Iowa Western Community College to a NJCAA National Championship in 2012” “One of the top JUCO safeties this year was Iowa Western's Isaiah Johnson (6-1, 210). He tied for the lead nationally with eight interceptions while also racking up 41 tackles. That productivity and the fact he has three years of eligibility left had schools clamoring to get him to visit...”

Texas Tech and Illinois are two BCS schools that offered Johnson after he verballed to KU. Wisconsin's Defensive Coordinator still recruited the Safety in late January. The fact that the Badgers were interested in poaching him upgrades his stock a bit in my mind, just like Oklahoma trying to poach Slater. Found this video from the championship game that focuses on his play on a NC State Pack Pride page, which focuses on his tackling in run support though there is one pick where the QB just throws it right at him in the red zone.

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What caught my eye at Day 2 of KU football's fall camp

I just caught up on all of this weeks football coverage tonight which was a whole lot of fun and I'm particularly impressed by the diligent evolution that is occurring on the defensive side of the ball. KU was awful on that side of the ball in Gill's final year. The three deep is a great development, which is especially encouraging on the line, and the reasoning sited for getting Campo out of the box and onto the sideline shows a lot of creativity and will to adapt. The MLB and WLB look stacked with talent in the three deep and rather well defined as compared to the story brewing in the secondary. How the secondary plays out is now the most compelling story for me going into camp since there seems to be so much potential and possibilities there with such a need for that group to perform at a high level to stop Big XII attacks.

From the press conference Charlie Weis mentioned Red-Shirt Freshman Greg Allen's name and said that finding him a role was important instead of having him be buried on the depth chart. Like Sendish's versatility, that Allen commentary by Weis jumped out at me as another interesting example of why the coaching staff can develop a new defensive approach going into their second year of Big XII play. Short is listed ahead of Allen at RC and Weis also sounds highly confident that Short is going to nail that job down. Currently Allen is listed as a 3rd string RC and out of high school he was listed on rivals plus ESPN as a Safety--another Safety with CB skills--and he had 4.3/4.4 speed in high school out of Texas. I see different stats on line for his speed and this site has him as a CB clocked at 4.33. As for the August 17th depth chart, I'm most curious now to see where Sendish and Allen land after a couple weeks of inter-squad battle, mix and match.

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What caught my eye at Day 2 of KU football's fall camp

The color and light in your photographs this year look so much better. Good work Mr Tait! I just caught the video too which is a nice bonus.

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Opinion: Among talented newcomers, Joel Embiid is KU's X factor

"See Big Blue Nation suck on it? Suck on it Big Blue Nation, suck." - Rick Pitino

For fun Pitino is poking Big Blue Nation in their collective eye hole with this Embiid comment just to rain on their 'best recruiting class ever' boasting parade. Whenever I read that Pitino quote about Embiid, this center has everything, and that Kansas has the top two picks in next years NBA draft, I can't help but think that he's saying it just to take some shine off of what he is hearing, I'm guessing fairly frequently in one way or the other, about Kentucky having the best recruiting class ever ever ever. Maybe this has been chatted about already on these boards though it feels a little less about Embiid to me–though he is indeed a big time talent with huge upside– than Rick is adding onto his swirly that he put on his former school: Wildcats have worse season since the Sutton Years (or perhaps Rick's first year), Rick wins it all with in-state rival Louisville (Louisville! The traitor!!), Rick thinks that KU has a better class this year than UK, at least he thinks they have the best two NBA prospects, so Big Blue can suck on that too.

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Jayhawks facing long odds yet again during upcoming football season

This is the first time that is struck me, and I'm sure it's been reported somewhere, how much of the initial American Athletic Conference football conference is made up of old Conference USA teams.

Louisville (1995-2005)

Cincinnati (1995-2005)

South Florida (1995-2005)

Memphis (1995-2005)

Houston (1995-2005)

UCF (2005-2013)

SMU (2005-2013)

Rutgers and Connecticut are old Big East and Temple is A-10.

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