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KU football notebook: Jayhawks new, old look to bounce back vs. LA Tech

This article contains the same significant, unholy error, three times ;-) Matthews plays the Jayhawk Quarterback position! (If there is one team in the world that can call it something else, we are that team.)

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Jayhawks’ top prospects climbing recruiting ranks

Yes, the frontcourt lacks some ommph and shine to be a preseason #1. If we ended up with that backcourt I would still be happily content to watch that rotation of five play and KU could still be well ranked–especially with a solid 2014 frontcourt recruiting class to add depth and ability. If that was our 2015 backcourt we would only lose Tharpe to graduation and we would return talented, seasoned, and sinfully deadly wicked from beyond the arc for 2016.

With a lack of any super solid, unshakable reason in this age of NBA millions I keep imaging a bright future for KU and Perry Ellis anchoring the front court until he graduates in 2016. I find myself stubbornly irrational on this when making personal day dreamy projections though there are enough reasons to stitch together to keep this dream animated in perpetual limbo until I hear Ellis declare early. Perhaps I’m being Sunflower State selfish in hoping that we get to see Ellis as a Senior and Frankamp as a Junior develop their games together and set the national stage a blaze with Free State hooping extraordinariness.

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Mental fitness at core of KU football’s workouts under Holsopple

Exploring the uncomfortable and being aware. Having fortitude. Looking into your mind and the feelings whether they are positive, neutral or negative. Holsopple is sounding like an experienced guide for young men seeking to develop themselves well beyond what they were before arriving on campus. He is challenging his players though he is also taking care of them while building a healthy, solid team environment.

"Understanding, ‘OK, this guy’s not feeling right,’ or maybe it’s something mental, physical, spiritual, emotional."

That is a mature perspective on developing the potential of athletes. This article does not sound like rhetorical optimism for the sake of pep and pomp. With Holsopple KU football players are offered an opportunity to engage in some serious work that transcends the game–which is fantastic teaching at a University.

I also here these kind of lessons coming out of the training program over on the Basketball team, especially during the Boot Camp days of pre-season.

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Wayne Selden makes most of camp trip

From the Danny and the Miracle days I like to think of Milt as being the Alpha Miracle.

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UCLA transfer QB T.J. Millweard commits to KU

You do have choices and control on what your browser will do and download. I run specific preferences of Adblock and Ghostery on Firefox and never see the Google questions. My set up blocks a lot of content other than ads which includes missing Flash content along with some video and audio technologies. If I want to look at a disabled function in Firefox, like catching a video on ESPN instead of those ESPN videos automatically loading when calling a page, I just copy and paste the link into anther browser software (Chrome, Safari, IE) that isn't running Adblock and Ghostery.

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Self, KU players ready to get back to work after time off

Wiggins being gone a month is news to me. I quickly thought of the media circus that has been impossible to miss surrounding Johnny Manziel and being able to gaze into the public lives that these young college super stars are living. Then it struck me that comparing Wiggins stature to Manziel may not be too far off if he does indeed play consistently where he is projected. A month away in Canada with family to ground and recharge sounds good. Academics kick in soon, the season starts in a month, the whole NBA draft schedule along with those demands follow soon on the heels of March, then NBA Summer League before a break around this time next year. Seems wise.

The prolonged pre-season, and those 2 hour summer practices, came at the right time for this young 'Hawk team to orientate them to the KU systems. I do wonder what 'Hawks past and present think about Boot Camp being shortened to 1 week.

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What caught my eye at Day 9 of KU football's fall camp

Thanks for the 1st team and 2nd team Defensive update. Mmmm, that hit's the spot! Those teams compared to the three deep from two weeks ago are so close to being the same. Good to see Sendish still running NB. Kevin Short sounds like he'll be here really soon, if he isn't here already, though it seems like he's missed a bunch--which makes me wonder if he'll be eased into his role over time through those dime/quarter/exotic DB packages that Weis has mentioned. Good to see McKinney running second team though it sounds like Kevin Young has worked hard and could still contribute even from three deep on the depth chart--if we are going to be running up tempo D it's good to be deep with the big boys at the Nose. The two Kevin's, Young and Short, leave me wondering if there will be some lingering 'OR' situations on second team throughout the season. Also good to see Prinz Kande running second team since he started out last year as a bright spot on Defense before the injury.

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Taylor Cox puts red-shirt on back burner

I really appreciate the entire perspective that Cox offered on Red-Shirting. Great attitude, sophisticated. Hearing "everything’s out in the open" is not surprising in learning more about the culture Charlie Weis is creating.

I know that I've been hoping to see this in games: "We should be a lot more explosive. We’re expecting (the passing game) to be pretty good.” – Brandon Bourbon. I'm hearing lot's of talk about still being good running the ball though it seems like the passing game talk is reserved in superlatives. Interesting to hear it come from the recently converted H Back.

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Johnson signs one-year deal to play with team in Poland

Self, Thomas Robinson and Ben McLemore are hosting a basketball camp. Sign me up!...Oh, I'm decades too old. If I still lived in Lawrence I might have to adopt a 1st-12th grader for the weekend, or fly back then kidnap my Missouri Tiger loving step-brothers children and baptize them forever in Crimson and Blue!! Hey, that is a new, secret movement for all Jayhawks living near Kansas City. Tell Missouri fans with children that you would like to take their kids to Worlds of Fun for the day and actually take them to a Jayhawk basketball camp.

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