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Donors to get reserved seats at Late Night

If you read closely KUAC says donors are given reserved tickets to Late Night on the criteria of current giving and NOT point totals. That is very deceiving and sad because if you stop and think about it then it should be on total giving and not one years giving. Disappointing Dr. Zenger doesn't view the long term effects of loyal donors instead of flash in the pan giving.

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KU grad Nick Bradford to coach at MSSU

To the poster inferring Withey had problems developing in the post you are so wrong. LMAO. As for on!

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Mario Chalmers’ golf ‘coming along’

Can we please stop these Chalmers articles? Nothing like pumping sunshine for the almighty dollar and reliving 2008 championship game. It's over. Time to move on with the current team members. The past can only be talked of so many times.

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Opinion: Light fuse, get away: Ten KU athletes who will pack wallop

If either of the Gonzalez gals is seeing A. Davis that'd be shocking. My goodness there is SO SO much better at KU than him. Yuck.

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After draft, Kings have a guard surplus

Ben has never nor will he ever be a point guard. He needs to work on what he does best and stop thinking PG. Just like EJ, he was never a PG at KU and results were a disaster.

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New York state of mind: Ben McLemore awaits his NBA fate

This is the FIRST article I've ever read that mentions his father. Typically, he now shows up in Bens life when potential riches are there. What is that all about?

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Blog from New York: KU fans wait hours in line to get Ben McLemore's autograph at Times Square

That white bell is hideous. LMAO.

Best to Ben and truly, truly want him to be successful.

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Perry Ellis studying game of ex-Jayhawk Marcus Morris

Why do you want him to pass to shooters? That is dumb.

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McLemore sliding before Thursday’s NBA draft

Ben sticks with Blackstock due his mommy being very,very,very,very,very closely involved with the guy. Ben is a follower and not leader. It's him momma who is messing up Ben.

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James, Heat repeat as NBA champs; Chalmers wins second ring

Mario has at least "for" rings? Really? Really? Good grief, get it right. FOUR. FOUR. FOUR.

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