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Jayhawks rolled by Trojans in 85-51 defeat during Round 2 of NCAA Tournament

Due to our inexcusable affiliation with Adidas that led to significant NCAA violation
allegations, we have not been able to recruit high level players for at least 3 years.

4 of KU's most highly sought after recruits over the last 3 years started at Villanova,Houston,
Duke,and Louisville instead of KU.If we had only one of those guys, we would have been
a much better team in 2021.

Kansas State officials should be held responsible for resolving the NCAA issues ASAP,
ensuring proper outcome for the future.

Most critics would agree that KU's basketball program has been the best in NCAA Divison 1
for many years, a real jewel!! I sincerely hope that we don't let the NCAA bury that treasure.
Attorneys may be needed to ensure that outcome!!!

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No. 14 Texas climbs back to defeat 17th-ranked Kansas, 75-72 in OT

I think we should stop criticising current players and blaming them for KU's mediocrity this year.
Step back and look again at the BIG PICTURE

The Adidas/NCAA nightmare and the threat of significant probation for the team
and coaches is killing our ability to recruit championship caliber players. The "fear cloud"
has been around for at least 3 years.
We cannot return to the top of the BIG 12 and compete for the NCAA Championship
until we can recruit high level players again. KU's administration needs to get the NCAA issue
resolved critically SOON!
In my opinion, our current players have more than lived up to their expectations
in 2020/2021

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Quick recap: Kansas defeats Texas Tech to earn fifth consecutive win

We are really looking good!
Very solid team basketball !
McCormack really contributing!
Texas better get ready for
the new Hawks!!!!!

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Strong second half helps KU earn much-needed 78-66 win over No. 23 Oklahoma State

Kansas wanted the game more than OSU, and NEEDED it!
Much more aggressive defense!
If shooting improves, last few
Games can ease the pain of this

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No. 23 Kansas can't overcome another poor start in 91-79 defeat at No. 17 West Virginia

Bad recruiting leads to
Bad seasons!!!!!!!!

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No. 23 Kansas can't overcome another poor start in 91-79 defeat at No. 17 West Virginia

We need to change a lot in
Recruiting to get back
To championship basketball

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Notebook: Jayhawks never led during 91-79 road loss to Mountaineers

The cloud of NCAA probation
Has kept us from recruiting
Difference makers! Worst
Team I can remember for
20 years.
KU should use legal resources
To immediately require
NCAA resolution!!!

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Game day breakdown: No. 15 Kansas basketball at No. 18 Tennessee

Foster should be starting along with
Harris! We need real change!!

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