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Bill Self recalls KU's loss to Richmond in 2004

“Coach mentioned it, but that’s six years ago. That’s 2004. What year is it? 2011, right?” Marcus Morris said with a smile. “We’re not going to go back to the past. We’re going to the future. Hopefully we can be 1-1 now.”
I'm not calling you dumb man, this is all I'm trying to say, maybe coming from the team's leader you can understand the point I have.

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Bill Self recalls KU's loss to Richmond in 2004

I have only been a Jayhawk for a couple years now and I know nothing about any of the posters on this site. However, I do know basketball and have been around the game from the day I was born.
It is great that Tyshawn now knows that it has happened before and if he loses focus it could happen again, but I think that is about as much as you can take from this. I think these guys learned that lesson from their own experience against N. Iowa much more than they can from a game that took place when they were 13 years old and had never heard about.
I am not saying knowledge of history leads to entitlement. When you look at a game from years back and say "not at ku" you are saying that we should win based on the name on our jersey. That is entitlement.
No matter how much history there is at KU it will never win a game for us. It is all about the players wearing that jersey and how they represent themselves and the program. If they gain any motivation from that game in '04, great. But these guys need to be focused on proving themselves as winners rather than making up for what Wayne Simien and JR Giddens failed to do in non-con game in 2004.
Maybe you should think about the fact that I am the same age as the current hawks and have about the same knowledge of the history. It might mean more to you because you can remember that game. It is just a fan thing.

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Path to Final Four not easy for KU

Alohahawk, I completely agree, the past is history, we need to focus on one game at a time. However, I don't understand why you said the opposite in your post on the Richmond article, that we need to look at that game in '04 to find motivation. It's about who wants THIS game the most.

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Bill Self recalls KU's loss to Richmond in 2004

Now this is the dumbest post I have read in a long time. KSA did not say they did not care about winning. They said who cares about a game that happened 7 years ago and involved not one player from either of the current teams. This is the 2011 NCAA tournament we are talking about, why not care about THIS game against Richmond.

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Bill Self recalls KU's loss to Richmond in 2004

I'm sorry, I will say I am some what of a new jhawk (I'm a junior at ku) but I think you are completely wrong on this one. Yes we have a great history. Yes we have tradition. But playing with a sense of entitlement is what causes upsets like Richmond or N. Iowa beating us. The game in '04 should not matter. This is a NCAA tournament game, win or go home. If you need anymore incentive than that, well your head is not in the right place.

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