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Notebook: Charlie Weis trims travel roster from 70 to 54

I think Jablonski is also the holder for the field goal unit. No reason to give Prolago something else to adjust to.

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KU football team ready to "dance" again

No need to get defensive, little brother. K-state's a solid "research two," along with the South Dakota State Jackrabbits! I'm sure there will be much to discuss this weekend...

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Completed chat with KU football beat writer Matt Tait

38,000, really? That would be the smallest crowd for a home opener in a long time. With a new staff (and given the crowd at the spring game), that would be disappointing, even on a holiday weekend.

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KU football team ready to "dance" again

squawk's a K-Stater. Nothing to worry about.

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KU football season preview with SB Nation writer and advanced stats specialist Bill Connelly

Seems clear those numbers are all he looked at. If he actually watched Willis play last year (instead of reading the box score), he'd have seen a linebacker out of position on an awful lot of plays. Over-pursuit, committing too early....and your occasional TFL when he guessed right. That's on the coaches, but we appear to have better options. To cite Willis as a prime play-making option in 2012 implies Connelly 1) didn't watch this team last year, and 2) hasn't followed this team since. As far as I can tell, he is a Mizzou fan who is moderately proficient at Excel. I know WinBUGS--interview me!

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Decorated QB Jake Heaps to visit KU

Scarlet, don't forget to punctuate those questions with a question mark. Like this:

"Why don't you make some effort to proofread your comments?"

And don't forget that you need to use the third-person plural form of a verb if you have a compound subject. Like this:

"Your poor grammar and spelling lower the quality of discussion."

Other than that, you make some good points.

All that said, Heaps would be a great addition. His playing time at BYU suggests he needs some polishing, but he has the capability to make throws and he gets rid of the ball quick. I think he'd benefit greatly from working with Weis and Powlus for a year.

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Jayhawks ‘hurting’ after loss to OSU

I've defended this staff for almost two years now. Too much criticism, I felt, was leveled before Turner Gill ever set foot in Lawrence, too much of it was racially driven, too much of it was reactionary and impatient, too much of it was motivated by misguided allegiance to our former coach, and too much of it came from "fans" who know an awful lot about basketball and next to nothing about football. More than anything, I think that it's as important for the students, alumni, and fans to buy into a program as it is for the players to do the same. Like it or not, our opinions, collectively, carry some weight, and I wanted mine to be a positive one, often against my better judgment or that nagging voice of reality begging to be heard.

But I don't think I can do it any longer. Coaching transitions are tough, and I've preached patience. But turning THIS defense around would be a more impressive transition than turning last year's team into a winner. There is no dearth of talent that can excuse our performance this year. It's unacceptable. It's time to admit I was wrong. I was wrong.

All that being said, I still think Turner Gill gets at least one more year, maybe more (barring a rather massive private fundraising effort...). And he deserves it as much as any football coach deserves the opportunity to implement his system and (try to) get his players. Our defensive coordinator has to be fired, though. Even if he is 100% blameless for what has happened this year (and he's not), he cannot keep his job after the last five games. On the offensive side, we've seen some real player development. But we've continued to see poor play-calling and poorer game management. The coaching staff needs to go through some major changes, none of which could possibly set us back any further than we already are. It won't come at the top this year, but it had better come everywhere else.

I'm not a very happy fan today. I'm angry and I want my team to be angry. Not "hurt," not "searching for answers." Effing angry. I go every Saturday, and I wouldn't do that if I didn't expect us to win every game. I'll be there this week, counting on a bunch of college kids to prove me right.

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Realignment Today: 3:56 p.m. - Big Day in the Big 12. League unanimously agrees to grant of rights after moving to add TCU as 10th member

The comments on that AI article are an amusing read. Seems most SEC fans are underwhelmed by mu, and the few that like them do so on a mostly pro-slavery basis. Seems about right.

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Turner Gill: KU’s bye week comes at a good time

While I'm thinking about it, another point: last year's team had three problems (Ahper: insert "Gill, Torbush, and Long" joke here): offense, defense, and special teams. We have a small sample size, but so far the offense looks good. The special teams look good.

The defense looks worse--much worse. To be fair, we lost our d-coordinator after spring ball this year, and the only two guys we have that can really play nose tackle are out, but that's no excuse. The defense has to get better if Kansas wants to compete with any team remaining on the schedule this year.

But along with criticism, I'll give credit: Jordan Webb is a better player than he was last year. Much better. The offensive line is much better than it was last year. The receivers are blocking and seem to be running routes better. There's lots of room for improvement, and there's too much gimmick (if the "Jayhawk" formation is still a gimmick) for my taste. But the offense has improved, and with mostly the same players. That's due to their hard work as well as coaching (if, as you suggest, coaching matters a little).

Our kicking game has been solid. Protection has been good, and both Doherty and Mueller have played well. Gibas has made only one bad snap that I've seen (a little high). Mueller doesn't get kickoffs very deep, but I'm willing to give the true freshmen time to get stronger. Coverage has been great on punts and kickoffs--lots of good open field tackles. (Our linebackers could learn something.) Again, that's due to some new talent, the players' working hard in the off-season, and (if coaching matters) coaching.

The defense. It's bad. Real bad. That's due to lack of discipline, lack of a defensive line, lack of strategy, and (if coaching matters) poor coaching. I like defense first, and watching the defense so far has been painful. I don't think anyone would argue that we will (or should) be looking for a new defensive coordinator after this season. Torbush left too late to find a quality replacement. But at least we've developed an offense that has shown the ability to keep the D off the field.

Progress has been made, and against most odds. I'm sure you're aware comparing Kansas football to OU's program is silly. I think Blake's three-year stretch was the worst in their history, and he went 5-7 the last one. It kills me, but I think a lot of Kansas fans would be thrilled with 5-7. We're taking steps, and the next one is a defensive tackle. DTs are rare, and lots of the good ones have already been picked up. But right now (since we've already recruited some defensive backs), I think we are two good D tackles away from being a pretty solid football team.

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