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Opinion: 2013-14 Jayhawks' ceiling limitless if ...

Can a person who lives in a glass house have high ceilings and still throw stones if there are no walls?

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Late Night offers first look at KU stars

You should try the one in Lawrence, KS. Leno never really picked up after JC left.

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ESPN: Bill Self top coach for NBA


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ESPN: Bill Self top coach for NBA

Why would a guy give up the opportunity to be the greatest coach ever at the greatest school ever and leave a legacy that would be nearly impossible to repeat? You will never beat the game day atmosphere at AFH. Bar none, the beat place in the country to coach. When that changes, he will look elsewhere. I bet he is still re-seeding his lawn for next year... RCJH

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KU, UK basketball vying for prep Oubre

Can't Morningstar pay for his own way? Yuk, yuk, yuk...

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Thomas Robinson recharged, settled after rocky rookie season in NBA

If Capillary can blow smoke up whereever whenever and can get pub for it he will be happy to give advice. The tip jar is on the desk if you want a signed copy...

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Former KU basketball champion Dean Smith to receive Medal of Freedom

Bob Knight is on next year's ticket...

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KU staying in soon-to-be-renewed Champions Classic

That which doth not kill ye maketh thou stronger... or something. I would rather get my eye-opener out of the way early than be shell shocked late in the season.

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Andrew Wiggins named Gatorade male high school athlete of the year

Back to back Championships Andy? That's what we want. RCJH

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Jeff Withey finally makes his pro debut

D-Jack back on track.

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