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Staying the course: Bill Self, Jayhawks not panicking over skid

You actually watched that first half again? Now THAT takes mental toughness!

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Opinion: Jeff Withey saves KU against Temple

I agree completely, it's completely over-used. It's almost drinking game worthy now: "Oh, there's the volleyball comment, drink a shot!". If Withey's shot blocking skills were primarily due to playing volleyball, then he would have been a premier shot blocker the day he walked in the door 3 years ago. How about some credit to Danny and other coaches for teaching him the techniques and foot work to get into position? How about the maturity that comes with 3+ of Selfball to stay disciplined and out of foul trouble? How about huge credit to Hudy for getting him in the kind of shape that allows him play 28 minutes a game and yet run the floor and play hard like a 6'1" point guard?

If a color commentator ever wanted to really show they did their research, they could try just asking Jeff where he gets his shot-blocking skills. In all the commentary, I don't think I've ever heard someone say "I talked to Jeff about this and he said....". I bet you $100 the first words out of his mouth do not include 'Volleyball'.

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Bill Self pleased with Jayhawks’ progress

Watch it again and this time watch the Lakers bench - priceless!

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Pay-for-play among Bill Self talk topics

Really? Been to a college campus lately? EVERY student has an iPhone and an expensive pair of headphones.

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