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Countdown begins for KU's response to NCAA allegations of recruiting violations

Damn I hope they don't ban the football program from post season play ..... aaaaagh...

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Jayhawks fall to No. 5 in AP poll after season's first loss

Vick needs to learn to fake a 3 point shot and drive to the basket. I can't remember when I have seen Vick use a shot fake and drive. The way teams are guarding him, a simple shot fake would leave him wide open for a drive and dish...Maybe he will get one for Xmas ....

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Box score: Kansas 74, Texas Tech 72

Congrats to the team for a great win and for the 14th straight Big 12 title. It is amazing to me that we can win an away game against a top 10 team with only 4 starters contributing. Vic was almost a total no-show for this game... Played 39 minutes and went 1 for 5 from the field, 0 for 3 from the 3 point line, did not shoot a free-throw, no offensive and only 1 defensive rebound, had 0 assists, 1 turnover, 1 block shot and 2 steals. IN 39 MINUTES !!!! I watched his entire game and I couldn't believe how little effort this Junior player showed in this important game. I am totally baffled as to what has happened to this promising player.


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It's your pick: Do you take Svi Mykhailiuk or Billy Preston in the NBA draft?

Svi if he can learn to have a better grip on the ball and stop shying away from the basket when driving the ball downhill. Svi should by this point in his basketball courier be able to grab and hold onto the basketball. I see far to many times he loses his grip on the ball when bumped or even not bumped. Rebounding should be easier for Svi after 4 years at KU. Svi has far to many balls go off his fingers to play at the next level. Svi is close, but still not showing the strength he will need in the Pros. Preston may have to body but only time will tell if he has the talent...

Rock Chalk

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KU coach Bill Self searching for ways to fight fatigue factor

The NBA plays 3 games per week and at 48 minutes per game that a total of 144 minutes. College basketball plays on average 2 games per week at 40 minutes per game thats 80 minutes... You can't tell me young men 18 to 22 years of age are too tired to play. The average NBA player plays around 35 minutes per game. With 3 games per week that over 100 minutes per week. Yes they only play 35 minutes of the 48 minute games but that certainly play more minutes per week (25) then college players who play the full 80 minutes. I think with a long timeouts commercial breaks in college basketball there is plenty of rest for the young men playing today. Excuses are easy to find when you needs one. The bottom line with this team is not fatigue but falls to turnovers, lapses in defense, poor shooting and missed foul shots. In the OU game the Jayhawk's were 10 of 32.( 31,25% ) -12 of 32 ( 37.5 % ) wins the game. There will be no Hack-a- Dok if we take care of business and do our jobs before the last 5 minutes of the game. I feel like we gave this game away and not at the foul line but by not taking care of business and knocking down shots that we can make day in and day out. Game over ... don't let it happen again. We have 4 starting guards who can make 3 point shots its time to step up and knock them down in the first half so we don't end up with any chance of Hack-a-Dok at the end of the game...
Rock Chalk...

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Silvio De Sousa on a conditioning crash course

Maybe we would have been better off the give the Preston investigation to the NCAA from day one. The fact that it took KU Compliance department 2 months should be a sign of a bigger problem. At this point I think the NCAA is speaking volumes that they have no interest in seeing KU get any playing time from Preston. Sad part is the young man is paying for a decision I would bet he had nothing to do with making at all. So you punish the school, the student, the fans and the family. Makes perfect NCAA sense. After the North Carolina no punishment decision the NCAA is worthless as far as credibility anyway.

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KU coach Bill Self says delay in Billy Preston situation 'not the NCAA's fault'

NCAA = North Carolina Amnesty Association Not likely they will act expectantly on anything or any one. K.U.'s internal investigation took far to long with a multi-million dollar program at stake. If the athletic and "compliance" department are this slow there need to be serious changes at the university level. How hard can it be to keep tabs on just over a dozen basketball players an their obvious areas a possible non-compliance issues? It's past time to step up and admit that changes need to happen and happen fast. RCJH.

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Second-rounder Frank Mason III earning spot in Kings' rotation

Congrats Frank ... Go get=em big guy...

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Tom Keegan: Heisman favorite Baker Mayfield's right hand at center of two controversies

Jeff I have to partly agree except this has gone to far. The Kansas Football Program is the laughing stock of the nation. At the bottom of the every major conference. It's now time to accept the fact that this coach doesn't have the ability to recruit or control a program like this great university needs today and in the future. Please its past time to cut the losses and accept the fact that the AD and the football coach are not right for this university and FIRE BOTH NOW.

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McKenzie Calvert speaks about incident that led to Josh Jackson facing misdemeanor charges for allegedly damaging her car

I said it before and I will say it again. Almost nothing positive happens after midnight in college towns. Scholarships should have requirements. One of those requirements should be a midnight curfew for all Scholarship athletes. Almost all the problems I have seen happening over the last few years with KU Athletes have happened in the early hours of the morning. For the benefit of all make them be in their residents by Midnight.

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