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NCAA set to send notice of major recruiting violations to schools; official confirms NCAA can't get controversial Townsend wiretap

If schools that recruit athletes were penalized for the things they promise potential recruits and their parents then every NCAA Div 1 school in the country would be on probation. The question is how many follow through with those promises and how many are actually violations of NCAA protocol and rules? At some point, we need to end the myth that college athletics and athletes fall into the amateur category and just pay these kids for bringing millions of dollars into university coffers. The whole system is disingenuous and needs to be overhauled.

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KU point guard Devon Dotson declares for NBA draft, ready to go all-in on 'information-seeking quest'

There is no way Devon Dotson is NBA-ready. His shooting--especially from beyond the arc--is not there. He is not a great defender. He needs to follow in the footsteps of people like former KU guards Frank Mason who went from scoring 5.5 points a game as a freshman to scoring 20.2 when he won National Player of the Year in his fourth year at KU.or Devonte Graham who ran the team in 2017-18. They not only became great guards, they earned their degrees too--which is supposedly what college athletics is all about. I predict Dotson will be back after the realities of the NBA hit him. Another year at the helm of KU's team will only benefit him.

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De Sousa's attorney: 'It's time for the NCAA to be fair to Silvio'

I think the NCAA has been unfair to De Sousa. The guy has done nothing wrong. It should have stepped up and allowed him to play with the team after he was held out by Self. These are important years for him and riding the bench is not the way he should be spending them. The NCAA needs to find a way to expedite cases like these. Instead, they dither while a young man's athletic career fades away.

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Jacque Vaughn has ‘faith’ he can fix Magic

This really reflects well on Kansas and the BB program. It says that while the school has great BB tradition, it is also responsible for educating players so they can succeed in life after BB. Vaughn was not only a quality player, he is a quality person. His leadership will pay dividends IF the Magic give him the time to change/fix the culture down there.

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Markieff Morris hopes for late free-throw in the Jayhawks 87-86 overtime win against the Missouri Ti

Great, great way to end this regular season rivalry. Some people are already complaining about the officiating....I think they must be from Missouri. Was it a clean block by Robinson at the end of regulation? Perhaps not, but it was a block and bad calls have a way of evening out....there were several questionable calls against KU during the game...MU players are the best floppers in the country and they got a call or two doing that. It wasn't the refs who scored those 19 points in the second half to bring KU to 75-75. KU won this game with guts and determination and the will NOT to lose the final MU-KU game at Allen. Way to go!

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Missouri's Kim English discourages ‘rah-rah celebration’

Bad calls happen....KU simply took its foot off of MU's neck when it had them down by 8 with 3 to go. KU blew the game in the final minutes...not one point in 3 minutes with the game on the line? Are you kidding me? You could hear the choking even here in Cal. A sad day for the Hawks...but hey, we get 'em at home on the 25th. I predict major payback in Allen and then it's Sayonara to the Mizzou Pukes as they head to the SEC and what essentially will be football anonymity. Tigers may fare better in hoops in the BB weak SEC, but no way will they be a serious football contender in that conference. MU made a huge mistake leaving the Big-12 and destroying a 105-year-old border rivalry. Good riddance!

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KU's Self not fretting over Missouri's decision to leave Big 12 for SEC

It's too bad that such an old rivalry---the oldest west of the Mississippi--is ending. But if only one school sees value in it, then so be it. Missouri is making a huge mistake leaving the Big-12. MU's president/chancellor is clueless about the border war between KU and MU. Kansas City will definitely suffer from MU's absence. But after all is said and done, I have to say "Good Riddance." If all MU cares about is the $$ (and that is the case) then why retain them in the Big-12? They will sink in the SEC. No way they can out-recruit Alabama, LSU, etc.So, Sayonara, chumps!

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