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Kansas freshman Bryce Thompson the latest Jayhawk to enter transfer portal

There won't be any huzzahs from me about Bryce Thompson's career at KU or his basketball future. Nor will he fit the mold of "once a jayhawk...always a jayhawk".

Yeah, I know, there are lots of people dreaming up reasons why he left...and I don't have any idea what the reason is. I do know this...he quit on us. So I won't have any squishy, feel good best wishes for him. He'll be replaced and be nothing more than a fleeting footnote in the history of KU basketball.

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KU junior Tyon Grant-Foster enters transfer portal

You can occasionally unearth a nugget from the juco ranks but more commonly they're kryptonite. Athleticism is usually not an issue with ballyhooed juco recruits but beyond that there are reasons why they're at a juco...and they're mostly red flags.

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KU freshman Jalen Wilson did not travel with Jayhawks to Indianapolis on Monday

It's no where near 500K. Two different states audited the deaths reported as caused by corona and found that almost half were BOGUS. They discovered deaths from gun shots, drowning, car accidents and even some pedestrians were reported as corona victims. Its no wonder why the KDHE won't release their records to be audited.

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No. 13 Kansas survives scare from UTEP en route to 67-62 win in regular-season finale

None of the writers asked Coach Self about Jalen Wilson riding the bench the second half.

I sure don't know if he had some kind of physical ailment but to a fan he played flat-footed defensively and appeared to be uninterested or uninspired.

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Unranked Jayhawks ready to attack rare back-to-back battle with Iowa State

And maybe Chip gets some help from his old pals Soapy, Biggie and Speed.

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No. 23 Kansas cruises by Kansas State, 74-51, to move to 1-0 in February

I looked up the definition of assshattt and was not surprised to see a picture of Lance Blanks.

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No. 23 Kansas cruises by Kansas State, 74-51, to move to 1-0 in February

Always great to thump the Wildcats and Weber.

But sorry for this bucket of tepid water...nothing looked much different for the Hawks except some 3-pointers went in against a really bad team.

Rock Chalk Jayhawks.

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No. 15 Kansas clobbered by No. 18 Tennessee in 80-61 road loss

Lots of great comments about our woeful offense.

Our defense? Have you ever seen more players standing up with straight legs and watching when defending off the ball? That makes them a step slow in preventing offensive moves. That's a lack of effort.

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After rocky January, Jayhawks need Jalen Wilson to rediscover his 'swagger'

I agree with a lot of what you said...and so did Tennessee. Coach Self said it right...they had our weave scouted and suffocated us. He better come up with some new wrinkles or we're captive to the 3-ball...make'em and we win...miss'em and we lose.

Without a new scheme on offense we're faced with more losses in the regular season and real danger of a one-and-out come tourney time.

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