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KU coach Bill Self (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

Big Difference this year. With so many guys at the same talent level, if don't play well you will sit and someone else will get your minutes.

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Coach: Recruit Anrio Adams ‘big-time talent’

Sign all three and redshirt Tharpe!

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Chicago prep guard pays KU a visit

If Self need another scholarship, Tharpe looks ripe for a readshirt year. He needs to get bigger and stronger if he's going to contribute.

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No asterisk needed: Gutsy Tyshawn Taylor, KU not apologetic for beating Sullinger-less Ohio State, 78-67

Thanks Tyshawn for the great effort with a bum knee. You are a warrior!

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Charlie Weis introduced at KU

OMG. This is KU football and we were 2 - 10. We are very fortunate to get a nationally known and respected coach who has not had a losing season in how long? Think of the list of duds that have preceeded him and you will feel a lot better. I really can't wait to hear the names of the staff that will be assembled in the next two weeks.

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If biggest coaching names choose other schools, Phillip Fulmer could fit at KU

Hey! We had a young guy who was suppose to recruit and relate to young players. Look where that got us. Fulmer is better than most on these lists and let me think what else. OH, He won a National Championship! But I'm sure KU with it's highly regarded football program can easily get someone better. Let's see. We fired a coach who won a BCS Bowl game and the next guy we gave a whole two years to turn things around. I'm sure all your hot prospects are lined up outside Zenger's door to come on board. Face it folks. We'd be lucky to get someone like Fulmer.

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KU football head coach candidates

If we can't get Skip, can we get Lou?

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Analyzing the 'five favorites' list and going over the latest in KU's coaching search (Spodcasters)

Fedora is not coming to KU. Why would we want Doeren, he's one of the few people that Gill beat on the football field. That leaves us one of the non-performing Stoops, an NFL cocordinator or some guy from Louisina's Teacher's college. Is this depressing or what!

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Coaching Search 2011: Day 7, 6:53 p.m. - Sumlin out at UCLA; Auburn OC Malzahn in the mix at KU? Plus, sizing up the coaching vacancies

Chad Morris! Chad Morris! Chad Morris! Can't put it any plainer than that!

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Coaching Search 2011: Day 6, 9:09 p.m. - Can KU still snag Fedora? Plus more on Sumlin, Fedora's similarities to Bill Self and other interesting nuggets

KU is way too proud to admit that they made a mistake in firing Mangino and hiring Gill. There is no chance he returns.

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