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Kansas QB signee Stanley sparks memories of Reesing

Aaron is right, watch "The U Part 2" Butch Davis did this with a lot of his guys. They would get scholarships from other sports and then walk onto the football program. Lots of them were starters, Santana Moss was the one that sticks out to me the most right now, he got a track scholarship and then walked onto the football team, there were a lot of other guys I just can't think of them right now.

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Watch David Beaty's first press conference as KU football coach

The Big XII got offered a waiver from the NCAA to have a championship game but the Big XII turned it down. I do agree that the playoffs need to be expanded to 8 teams though.

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Watch David Beaty's first press conference as KU football coach

Or they could just keep the Big XII at ten teams and get a waiver so they can have a conference championship game. That way there really would be only 1 true champion, and they could keep the money spread out over 10 teams still without having to share with 2 other teams. Really I would like to see and expansion, but if they decide to just have the championship game that's fine by me also. That way the Big XII can quit looking so stupid with that commercial they keep running "1 true champion" cause right now that commercial makes the Big XII look like a bunch of morons cause there obviously wasn't 1 true champion and that hurt Baylor and/or TCU.

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Watch David Beaty's first press conference as KU football coach

Glad to see Doug Cramer getting some love on the comments. Good job Doug

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KU confirms hire of David Beaty as new football coach

Better start getting those candy bars ready

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Coaching Search 2014: There's a new No. 1 on the updated percentage wheel

Seeing Tim Beck's name on your percentage wheel is a really scary thing. Yikes, that would be 3 super bad hires in a row for KU.

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Bowen, Zenger discuss what's next for Kansas football

Bo Pelini is now available how about him? He's constantly won at least 9 games year in and year out at Nebraska, and his players love him.

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Column: One week left in Bowen's trial run

People were telling Stoops to steer clear of KU the last time the HC job came open! That's not a good thing, KU already had a bad reputation then, I can only imagine what people would say about it now.

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Jayhawks continue to develop under Bowen

I'm all for Bowen getting the job now, at first I wasn't completely sold on him, but after the TCU game, I'm convinced that he should get the job now. I just hope that KU fans don't call for him to get fired if after next year or the year after if he isn't winning 6 or 7 games and going to a bowl.

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